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Aglare Lighting at the 2018 Exhibition

  • date: 2021-12-01
  • category: Expo news
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Aglare Lighting at the 2018 Exhibition,  In 2018 for the billion poor is one of the fastest growing years, due to the expansion of production capacity, can stabilize the completion of the guest's order on time, so the company in the new added multiple exhibition, such as guangzhou GT amusement, IAAPA Asia Hong Kong exhibition, exhibition of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Europe, the americas (Orlando, and through the exhibition rapid face-to-face to understand the guest to our production The new customers' understanding of Aglare Lighting has been increased, and both the new customers and orders have achieved good results. Therefore, our company decides to continue to increase the investment in the exhibition in 2020, so that more users can know about Chinese brands and our company.