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What is the relationship between outdoor night lighting and colored flood light?

  • date: 2022-05-23
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Nowadays, in nightview lighting, the lighting of buildings has become more and more important, which can make the characteristics of buildings more prominent.We can also express the functional characteristics of the building and highlight the cultural characteristics of the building by showing each detail of the building. But the lighting design of buildings with different functions is different.

Commonly used nightview lighting has floodlight lighting, contour lighting, key lighting, local lighting and so on, among which floodlight lighting is a commonly used lighting.This kind of means has corresponding requirement to the position of lamps and lanterns, projective Angle, amount.Next, let's learn about flood lighting!

Floodlight illume is to point to use downlight lamp or colored flood light illuminate some target, and its illuminance wants a kind of illume way with taller than ambient illuminance.Each type of lighting has a specific purpose. One of the purposes of floodlighting is to ensure safety, to make working at night more convenient.The second is to highlight the cultural characteristics of the building.


Want to use good floodlight illume, must choose the color of light reasonably, the color of light has rich feeling colour, the light color collocation that discordant can let a person feel uncomfortable.In addition, it is necessary to master the characteristics and architectural style of the building, so as to find out the most characteristic when casting light from different angles.

In night lighting design, we often encounter a problem - glare.So what are the causes of glare? The brightness of the light source, the higher the brightness, the more obvious the glare;The position of the light source, closer to the line of sight, glare is more obvious;The darker the surroundings, the lower the human eye's fitness and glare.

So how do you avoid glare in floodlights? Want to consider the illume environment around adequately, to assure illume to have better evenness, the interval of lamps and lanterns that installs on the building should not be too wide, can produce the bright area of fan otherwise.

If side lighting is adopted, the influence of blocking lamps should be taken into account to reduce the unnecessary light as far as possible. For floodlight of buildings, the light of lamps should be illuminated from bottom to top to effectively avoid glare.