TAG:   3528 smd led
rgb 3528 SMD LED

rgb 3528 SMD LED

LEDchip: 3528

Item Type: YJ-S3528RGB

IP Rating: 

Lamp Power(W): 

Input Voltage(V): 

Warranty(Years): 2

Product Details

SMD LED with 120˚ Viewing Angle and Low Power Consumption

Part Number: YJ-S3528RGB

Emitting colors: all single color, bi-color and RGB

 Dimensions: 3.50 x 2.80 x 1.90 mm 

 Lens color: water clear 

 Viewing angle: 120 degrees 

 Low power consumption 

 Forward current: 20mA 


o Red: 1.8 to 2.2V 

o Blue: 3.0 to 3.6V 

o Green: 3.0 to 3.6V

 Luminous intensity: 

o Red: 400 to 650mcd 

o Green: 800 to 1300mcd 

o Blue: 200 to 350mcd

 Peak wavelength: 

o Red: 620 to 635nm 

o Blue: 460 to 475nm 

o Green: 515 to 530nm

TAG:   3528 smd led
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