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RGB Pixel Christmas Tree Light Show

  • date: 2023-12-14
  • category: Lighting effect of amusement park
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The annual Christmas is here again. Christmas light decorations are not only to beautify the environment, but more importantly, to convey the joy and warmth of the holiday. The following is the effect of a French customer using our company's YJLED-006E-ST14RGB pixel lamp to light up a Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Light

The positive effect of lights on Christmas trees

The Christmas tree has a strong festive atmosphere and is a traditional decoration during the Christmas period. With the development and creation of modern science and technology, the Christmas tree is no longer simply decorated with candies, stars, etc. The charm of lights is fully displayed in the decoration of the Christmas tree. In the lighting The decorated Christmas tree becomes brighter in color and more attractive at night, making it an indispensable scene decoration during the Christmas period. The scene charm of the Christmas tree becomes a dreamy check-in point under the influence of lights.


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Thank you to our customers for sharing their stunning light effect photos.

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