Group info
Brand strategy
1 Manage the entire production process according to the ISO9001 system
2 Design products from the source to reduce the possibility of problems
3 Manage the supply chain, choose the best raw materials
4 Increase the production of automated equipment, reduce manual operation errors of products
5 With good after-sales service, find and solve problems in time.
1 Apply for international trademarks and domain names.
2 Participated in offline exhibitions many times, and used Alibaba/Google/Facebook and other platforms to promote brands online.
3 Develop a reward mechanism for old customers to introduce new customers to attract more new customers and improve international reputation.
High value
1 Our company independent research and development of products, and every year innovation, every year there are new products
2 Each product has a unique selling point, such as easy to use, can be used outdoors for a long time, and the functions of the product are diverse
3 Products of the same quality have competitive prices, and products of the same price have product competitiveness