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Aglare Group "March 8" Goddess Festival Series Activities in 2023

  • date: 2023-03-16
  • category: Group news
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In order to thank the female employees who have worked hard for a long time, to reflect the group company's special care for female employees, to broaden everyone's amateur cultural life, and to enhance the cohesion of the workforce, Aglare Group organized a series of "Goddess Festival" activities to welcome the "March 8" International Women's Day.

2023-aglare-38-women's day.jpg

2023-aglare-women's day.jpg

In this festival dedicated to "goddesses", I would like to thank every "goddess" who has been sticking to their posts and blooming in Aglare Group with vigorous and heroic appearance.

They are courageous, wise, kind, selfless, have dreams in their hearts, and write wonderful life; Happy holidays and a journey of forging ahead, I hope that every "Z Beauty Goddess" of Aglare Group will dare to have dreams, have the courage to pursue dreams, be diligent in realizing dreams, forge ahead and grow together with Aglare Group, and write a wonderful future that belongs to us!