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How To Choose & Install The Right Playground Lighting

  • date: 2024-05-13
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When it comes to playground lighting, choosing the right playground lighting is not only about safety and visual effects, but also about creating an ambience that creates a pleasant play experience and energy efficiency. Based on the needs of high-quality LED playground lighting systems, we have selected the most suitable LED light series for you.

In this guide:

1. Playground lighting ideas

2. What kind of lights are suitable for playground lighting?

3. What a high-quality lighting system can bring to your playground lighting

4. Best LED Playground Lighting Manufacturer

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Playground lighting ideas

In the playground lighting design process, the selection of lamps is an important part. Whether the lamps are selected appropriately and whether the installation location is suitable will affect the overall design. Understand the specific activities of the playground, such as parent-child, adventure games, sports, night amusement parks, performances, etc. Different activities have different light requirements. Highlighting the theme features and creating an entertainment atmosphere are key considerations in the early stage of lighting design.

What kind of lights are suitable for playground lighting?

During the selection process of playground lighting fixtures, the appearance and atmosphere created by the fixtures should be consistent with the theme of the playground. Commonly used lights for playground lighting include amusement park bulbs, carousel lights, E10 and E14 bulbs, automatic and programmable RGB lights, LED light strips, carnival turbine lights, carnival light LEDs, turbine bulbs, pixel LED lights, digitally addressable RGB LED pixel modules, RGB floodlights, landscape lights, etc., when designing playground lighting, usually based on different landscapes Features Choose the right lighting fixture.

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Playground lighting fixtures selection

•Light source: LED lights are recommended, which are energy-saving, long-life, adjustable color temperature, fast response, and suitable for creating a variety of effects.

•Protection level: Outdoor lighting needs to be waterproof and dustproof above IP65/IP67, and indoor lighting must be above IP44.

•Color temperature and color gamut: Warm color temperature (27000K) creates warmth, cool white (5000K) enhances vitality, and RGB/RGBW color changeability is suitable for changes in the atmosphere.

•Control: Intelligent control, such as DMX512 and Wi-Fi, facilitates remote dimming of light intensity and scene switching.

What a high-quality lighting system can bring to your playground lighting

Good playground lighting can enhance the visitor experience. At night or in a dim environment, appropriate lighting can make the rides more eye-catching and attract more visitors to experience them.

Secondly, lighting design can also enhance safety. At night, visitors need clear and bright lighting to avoid accidents.

Finally, lighting design is also a decoration for playgrounds and play facilities, which can increase their overall beauty and attract more tourists.

Best LED Playground Lighting Manufacturer

Aglare Lighting Co., Ltd is a prefessional manufacturer of LED components and LED Lighting since 2005. We mainly produce three types of products: the first is SMD LED, mainly based on medium and high power RGB; the second is the theme park lighting products, mainly E10 and E14 bulbs, automatic and programmable RGB lights, bumper car lights, the third is LED outdoor building lighting, mainly LED flood lights, LED point lights, LED strips etc.