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Shop Best LED Reflector RGB at Aglare Lighting

  • date: 2024-03-19
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Shenzhen Aglare Lighting Co., Ltd,was established in 2005,we a manufacturing&trading combo,produce and export led fairground lights and reflector led rgb for more than 19years.

rgb reflector

We newly designed a new rgb reflector in 2023, which is a unique rgb reflector developed by Aglare Lighting, available in 50w, 100w, 150w, 200w, 250w, 300w, 400w and 500W. The integrated design optimizes heat dissipation efficiency. Flexible installation, equipped with adjustable brackets, independent detachable module design, easy to replace.

reflector led rgb

Aglare Lighting's rgb reflector fixtures bring a whole new dimension to your lighting needs. Using advanced LED technology, they can produce colorful light effects and change to your favorite color at any time. Not only can the color and brightness be freely adjusted, it also has an IP65 waterproof rating, which makes it safe to use outdoors and works stably even in humid environments, bringing you long-lasting decorative effects. You can control it through the remote control. One remote control can control multiple RGB reflectors within a range of 100 meters at the same time. It also has code matching and memory functions, which is very convenient to use. Whether you are decorating a theme park, stage, courtyard, landscape lighting or adding color to a special event, Aglare Lighting has products to suit your every need.

The Features of RGB Reflector 

Aglare Lighting RGB reflector fixture series is equipped with a variety of attractive features,, easy installation, waterproof, high quality and durability, all of which can meet your various expectations and needs for lighting.

Wide Applications: Suitable for indoor decoration, commercial display, party decoration, amusement lighting,landscape lighting and many other scenes. Whether it's for personal needs or commercial use, it can create amazing light and shadow effects for you.

High Quality & Durable: Aglare Lighting products are strictly quality controlled and designed for high quality and durability. Long-term stable work ensures long-lasting lighting effects.