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In order to meet the needs of foreign trade development in the new era, the company has established an internal entrepreneurial team, which has divided the previous foreign trade department into multiple project teams.


The company established the LED plant lighting business department, and realized the manufacturing force of mold development and design of plant lighting, finished product assembly, and product control design.


Due to the increase in the production capacity of outdoor lighting products, the existing supply chain of the site can no longer meet the needs of the company's business development. The company established a new factory in Zhongshan Henglan, Zhongshan Ruichuan Lighting Co., Ltd., to increase the production capacity of outdoor products.


The company confirmed the new goal: with the LED component department as the supplement, the LED playground lighting business department and the LED outdoor lighting business department, the layout of the two departments to develop together.


The company's outdoor lighting product business department was established, mainly producing LED flood lights, LED light bars, LED point light sources and other outdoor decorative lighting products


Added 4 finished product lines in the same year

In July 2009, due to the rapid growth of business, the existing production capacity was not enough to complete the order, Yijia expanded the production area,we moved Factory 4, Supply and Marketing Cooperative Park Guanlan Avenue, Guanlan Town Longhua New District, 518110 SHENZHEN CHINA,PEOPLES REPUBLIC


In August 2008, we purchased the SMDLED component production line, and started the independent production of 5050SMDLED in the early stage, and began to have the main materials of the independent LED lighting industry chain, which greatly accelerated the production and delivery of customers and increased the stability of quality.


In May 2006, the company's first foreign trade sales team was established.

In March 2006, moved to the 5th floor of Longhua Dalangshuiwei Industrial Park and established its own production line of LED playground lighting products


In February 2005, the R&D and domestic sales team was established.

The company was formally established on January 25, 2005