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LED RGB Floodlight With Remote Control – the world is full of color

  • date: 2022-10-25
  • category: Industry news
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The emergence of LED flood lights not only greatly improved the production efficiency of the flood light manufacturing enterprises, but also greatly improved the cost performance of the flood light products. After the SMD white light products are available, the user's voice for the RGB flood lights is also very high. In the future, the RGB flood lights will gradually become a trend.

Aglare RGB flood lights.jpg

The mass production of Aglare LED RGB Floodlight with remote control is on the market, so that the colorful world is in your control.

The features of LED RGB Floodlight with remote control:

1, The shape adopts Aglare patent appearance product, which is simple, novel and beautiful;

2, 50W-500W a variety of power options to meet the needs of different places;

3, our RGB flood light remote color fixing function, the product can be adjusted into a colorful jump mode and single color fixed color mode, all the lights within the effective distance into a color;

4, our RGB flood lights have a memory function, the lamp comes with a memory chip, after the power is turned off, the color can be kept unchanged. The user can set any monochrome color and use it as a monochrome spotlight in different places;

5, The outer casing is die-casted with environmentally friendly aluminum profiles. The surface treatment adopts imported plastic powder + advanced powder spraying process, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and is not easy to fall off;

6, IP65 protection grade, safe and reliable, standard installation hole position is easy to install and disassemble.

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