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LED Pixel Lights vs LED String Lights: What’s the Difference?

  • date: 2024-04-02
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In outdoor lighting fixtures, we often encounter situations where two fixtures with different uses have the same name. For example, LED waterproof light string, which can be understood as either a logo LED light string or an LED pixel point light source. It could also be LED pixel lights. What are the similarities and differences between these three? What are their uses?

LED pixel lights, LED string lights, and LED pixel point light sources are outdoor lighting fixtures for theme parks, amusement rides, fairground, amusement parks, Halloween, Christmas, advertising screens, stage lighting, landscape lighting, architectural decoration lighting, and floor lighting.

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(1) LED string light: Also called LED module, it is often used for outdoor luminous characters and outdoor signs. Because the points are connected together, some people call it LED light string.

(2) LED waterproof string lights: There are subtle changes between waterproof string lights and waterproof string lights. Theoretically, their modes and performances are similar for the same light strings, but their uses are quite different. LED string lights can be used for indoor decoration. and outdoor municipal lighting. It can range from home decoration to municipal roads, lighting festival lighting, etc. Because of its changeable shapes, it leaves a very deep impression on everyone.


What is fairground lighting?

(3) LED pixel light is a point light source collection composed of multiple LED light sources. Each LED light source can independently control and change color, thereby achieving rich color display and dynamic effects. This kind of light usually uses three primary color LEDs of red, green, and blue (RGB) or LEDs of more colors. By accurately controlling the brightness of each pixel, it can generate countless colors. LED pixel lights are used in modern urban landscape lighting and entertainment. It has been widely used in fields, large-scale event light shows, architectural design decoration and media wall construction.

(4) LED pixel point light source: also called LED point light, LED waterproof light string, LED point light source, etc. It is often used in building floor lighting, shop signage, and outlines of ancient buildings. I believe users who know about building lighting know that the most versatile LED pixel point light source is the outdoor screen.

So, do you know the differences and uses of the three LED light strings made in series? There is no best outdoor lighting engineering lamp, only the most suitable one is the way to go.