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Introduction and features of rgb led flood light

  • date: 2022-11-08
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rgb led flood light is one of the most important ways to create and beautify the city night scene.This method of lighting not only illuminates the facade of the building, but, together with the careful planning of the lighting planners, can also invent a more seductive and moving function than the day, with distinct layers, emphasis and outstanding building characteristics. Rgb flood light is a kind of point light source that can shine uniformly from all over the world. Its shining scale can be arbitrarily adjusted, and it is shown as a regular octahedron diagram in the scene.

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But rgb flood light is only one of the methods of lighting the building, by no means is the only, must not mention elevation lighting is not rgb flood light, elevation lighting is not equal to rgb flood light.The building that USES floodlight illume should have the following two big conditions: the first is: the exterior of be illuminated building should have certain reflex ratio.rgb flood light is the process by which a rgb flood light illuminates the surface of the building being illuminated, and then by its reflection, people see the brightness from the direction of the surface survey.The 2nd it is: be illuminated the reflex property of building exterior best is diffuse reflex, also have necessity to be dispersive at least reflex, all sorts of exterior should have must reflect light, because the brightness degree of exterior is different, reflex case is different, can divide roughly for directional reflex, dispersive reflex and diffuse reflex 3 kinds.

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Small current, rgb flood light temperature rise is not obvious.If the ambient temperature is high, the main wavelength of rgb flood light will be red shifted, the brightness will be reduced, luminance uniformity, consistency become worse.The temperature rise of special dot matrix and large display screen has more obvious influence on the reliability and stability of rgb flood light.So heat dissipation plan is very crucial.rgb flood lights shine evenly in all directions from a specific point, and are best used by analogy to light bulbs and candles.rgb flood lights can be placed anywhere in the scene.For example, it can be placed outside the open mylar scale, or inside the object.It is very common to use many different colors of rgb flood lights at a distance in the scene.These floodlights can cast shadows and blend into the model.Because the shined scale of floodlight is bigger, so the shined action of rgb flood light is very simple guess, and this kind of lamplight still has a lot of assist assist use, for example, place floodlight in the azimuth that is close to object exterior, can produce bright light on object exterior.

The color temperature of rgb flood light can be selected sensitively between 4000-7000k, the development index can reach 80 above most, luminescent color of lamps and lanterns is closer to natural light.The light source utilization rate of LED lamps is high, about 90% of LED light points can be consistent with the luminescent point, so most of the light of lamps shines directly to the designated area, only a small part is reflected, so the light source utilization rate is high. LED lamp does not have the question of starting delay, can be connected at any time, at any time work, can be very convenient to complete intelligent energy-saving control.