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How to wire flashing fairground lights

  • date: 2023-03-03
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LED fairground lighting is used in everything from amusement park and stage decorations to carnival signage and event lighting,

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How to wire flashing fairground lights?

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If you want to connect multiple amusement lights together, you first need to prepare a high-power switching power supply as the total power supply, the total power must be greater than the sum of the power of each amusement light, and then input all LED playground lights into the total power supply , connect all the lights in series. After the main power supply is ready, the main switch can be disconnected, which can avoid the risk of electric shock caused by the current in the wire when the lamp is connected. Then distinguish the wires according to the color, connect the different wires into the corresponding interfaces, and wrap them with insulating tape after fixing them, so that they cannot fall off. Finally, turn on the main switch and start the switch to see if the light is shining.

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Key benefits of LED fairground lights

Energy efficient – LED fairground lights run on low wattage LEDs, which use less power and last much longer than other types of bulbs.

Higher quality light – the bold, striking effects you can achieve with fairground lighting are hard to beat.

Durable & reliable – these bulbs are designed to be weather resistant 

Operate at lower temperatures – these low-wattage bulbs burn cooler, which improves their safety.

Controllable – you can create any kind of bespoke design.