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How to make Fairground Lights

  • date: 2023-03-03
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Fairground lighting refers to a range of lighting solutions commonly used for leisure and signage applications. You may be familiar with the colourful bulbs displayed at fun fairs, in marquee lighting or signage used to spell out words or create amazing patterns to draw people in – that’s fairground lighting.

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How to make fairground lights?you can choose between Cabochon or Fairground light bulbs , both with a range of colours and sequence options

Cabochon base and cap (if using Cabochon bulbs)

Lamp holders and nuts

Wires – the thickness of the wire you need will depend on the size of your sign and how big the bulbs are. A general rule is the bigger the bulb and sign, the thicker the cables. The most important factor is that your wiring fits inside the grooves of your lamp holders, as this is crucial for correct instalment. If in doubt, the most common wire thickness is 1.5mm.

Power source


2 port lever clamps

These parts can be bought individually or you can buy a kit that includes everything you need to wire your project. These include key components such as cabochons, LEDs, cables, lamp holders, connectors and a power source (PSU).

Key benefits of LED fairground lights

Energy efficient – LED fairground lights run on low wattage LEDs, which use less power and last much longer than other types of bulbs.

Higher quality light – the bold, striking effects you can achieve with fairground lighting are hard to beat.

Durable & reliable – these bulbs are designed to be weather resistant 

Operate at lower temperatures – these low-wattage bulbs burn cooler, which improves their safety.

Controllable – you can create any kind of bespoke design.