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What are fairground lights called?

  • date: 2023-10-07
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Fairground lights are called cabochons.They are available in a variety of colors and two diameter sizes: 45mm and 60mm. For your convenience, we can offer advice on all the fittings, LEDs and transformers.

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Whether you’re looking for a branded sign to sit above your reception or a standalone light up letter for your living room, fairground lighting creates an immediate impact – adding a fun, vintage feel to any space. We design and produce carnival light features using LED bulbs and colourful cabochon caps. They can be mounted on a range of materials, from wood to aluminium, used in almost any environment, and be easily transported.

Our lights are available in a range of colours, voltages and sizes. We do the electrics, metalwork, carpentry, painting and whatever else is needed to create bespoke carnival lights. Check out our range of fairground and carnival letter lights here.

You can also buy the components separately in our shop.——Aglare amusement lighting,fairground lights

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Aglare Lighting is a leading manufacturer of LED lights for amusement industry. We supply full series of LED lights for amusement parks, funfair and midway rides. The main products are fairground light bulbs,carousel lights, cabochon Bulbs,rgb flood lights for all amusement rides' illumination.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:What Sizes are Fairground Cabochons Available in?

A: Fairground Cabochons come in two sizes: 45mm or 60mm in diameter.

Q:What Colors are Available for Cabochons?

A: The Fairground Cabochons are available in a variety of vibrant colors, including Clear, Orange, White, Purple, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, and Turquoise.

Q:Using LEDs with Fairground Cabochons

A: Are you wondering if you can use LEDs with Fairground Cabochons? The answer is a resounding yes! These cabochons are compatible with LEDs, giving you endless possibilities for creating stunning visual effects.

Q:Voltage Options for Carnival Lights

A: The LEDs for Fairground Lighting come in different voltage options to suit your needs. You can choose from 24V, 60V, or 240V LEDs, ensuring that you have the right voltage for your specific requirements.

Q: Can you supply all of the fittings for the Fairground Lighting?

A: Yes, we can supply the cabochons, spike fittings, LEDs and transformers.