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Carnival Rides of LED Pixel Lights

  • date: 2023-12-04
  • category: Carnival fun lighting effect
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Aglare Lighting is a manufacturer specializing in LED components and LED lighting for the amusement industry. We sell led pixel lights to carnival rides, amusement parks, theme parks, family entertainment centers, circuses, fairs, christmas light carnivals, ferris wheel lighting

We mainly produce three categories of products:

The first is SMD LED, which is mainly medium and high power RGB; the second is SMD LED, which is mainly medium and high power RGB;

 LED Pixel light for the carnival rides

The second is carnival rides and theme park lighting products, mainly LED pixel lights, E10 bulbs and E14 bulbs, RGB cabochons,RGB amusement,fairground lights,carnival lights,E10 fairground lights,E10cabochon bulbs,cabochon led E14,E14 fairground,automatic and programmable RGB lights, bumper car lights

The third is LED outdoor architectural lighting products, mainly LED floodlights, LED spot lights, LED light strips, etc.

Our overseas client installed new lights for a carnival ride.

Thank you to our customers for sharing photos of stunning lighting effects.

Aglare Lighting is proud to promote our LED pixel lighting products for the amusement industry to customers throughout the amusement industry. If you are interested in our products, please leave your email or WhatsApp and we will contact you within 12 hours. Thanks.

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