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Review: Aglare Lighting E14 LED 24v Bulb - Cabochon Lights

  • date: 2024-05-02
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e14 led 游乐场灯泡

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Product Review

E14 LED 24v Bulb has many advantages over traditional lighting equipment. First, it has high energy utilization and long service life. Second, it has good lighting effects, high color reproduction, and is easy to install and maintain. Compared with other LED lights, E14 is small in size and easy to connect with cables, which better meets the needs of amusement carousel decoration, amusement lighting, Luna Park, theme park signs, stage decorative lights, and children's amusement facilities decoration on the current market.  When looking for lighting that takes an old concept and updates it with modern appeal, the Aglare Lighting E14 LED 24v Bulb - Cabochon Lights is a great example of blending the tradition of the past with the innovation of today.



what is it?

E14 LED 24v Bulb is one of the standards for LED lights in electrical technology. E14 is a code used to mark the diameter of electrical appliance screws. E14 represents the size of 14mm. Different from ordinary light bulbs, LED lights are made of semiconductors, which can effectively reduce power consumption, have longer service life and higher brightness. The E14 LED 24v Bulb has demonstrated strong capabilities in energy conservation and environmental protection. E14 is often used in some landscape lighting, playground lighting, carnival lighting, carnival lighting, exposition lighting, theme park lighting and decorative lighting fixtures, such as fairground light bulbs,carousel lights,amusement light, cabochon bulbs,carnival turbo lights,carnival lights led,turbo light bulbs,pixel led lights,digital addressable rgb led pixel modules etc.

What Are the Features?

E14 cabochon diameter 60mm, tapering to 40mm x 63mm high

- The maximum thickness of the material through which the light holder passes is 10 mm.

- Colors: white, blue, green, pink, red and warm white.

- Approximately 25 mm of clearance is required on the back of the material for wiring and light holder nuts

- Each light holder is rated up to 240v but is stamped 24v for kit purposes.

These high quality E14 LED 24v Bulbs are designed to provide a powerful and efficient lighting solution for your space. From the soft, diffused light of opalescent balls to the classic appeal of clear candles to the opulence of copper, our E14 LED bulbs are designed to blend seamlessly with different decorating styles. With an average lifespan of up to 25,000 hours, our E14 LED bulbs are built to last, ensuring your space's long-lasting glow. They provide higher brightness and longer life than traditional light bulbs. Say goodbye to dim and dull lighting and hello to vibrant and energy-saving lighting.

Various applications

Our E14 LED 24v Bulb is perfect for lighting any project, landscape lighting, playground lighting, carnival lighting, carnival lighting, fair lighting, theme park lighting, signs, wedding or birthday lettering with long-lasting durability. We offer AC12V AC24V and DC12V DC24V cabochon top and cabochon base and cost effective LED playground lights ranging from cabochon lights, fun fair lights, RGB LED pixels, carousel lights, carnival lights, cabochon lights shaped light dmx512, cabochon pixel RGB various colors and designs.

Application of E14 LED 24v Bulb in fairground

E14 LED 24v Bulb has gradually become an important choice in playground lighting fixtures. It can be used in lights, such as table lights, chandeliers, wall lights, table lights, decorative lights, landscape lights, etc. The types of accessories it develops are also very rich, greatly Enhanced its flexibility. In the decoration of theme parks and amusement facilities, consumers can comprehensively consider its decorative effect, lighting effect, quality and durability, and choose the LED light E14 that suits them to create a charming atmosphere and personalized playground space.