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Aglare RGB flood lights pass CE-EMC certification Successfully!

  • date: 2022-10-24
  • category: Product news
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Aglare RGB flood lights have been tested by the  CE-EMC certification bodies, passed various index determinations, and obtained the  CE-EMC certification certificates issued by the EU certification bodies. 

The CE marking system is vital for all products that are sold in the European market.Our company's LED amusement lights successfully passed the European CE-EMC certification!

If you need the testing report about our RGB flood lights ,pls feel to contact our sales,thanks a lot 

Aglare LED floodlight CE-EMC_00.jpg

The advantages of our RGB led floodlight.

High efficiency, energy saving, 180 degree adjustable bracket, thickened anti explosion mask, good heat dissipation, low light decay and long life.

Aglare RGB flood lights.jpg

The feature of our RGB led floodlight.

1. Remote control or DMX

2. Power:50-1000W

3. Meanwell driver

4. Customizable, programmable