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2023 Aglare Lighting staff external training

  • date: 2023-05-12
  • category: Training development
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On May 11, 2023, our company was invited to participate in the Alibaba International Station [ChatGPTForeign trade company job application] The offline training session was held in Shenzhen Chengtai International Hotel. The meeting specially invited senior lecturer Liu Xiaoling to give a speech to the merchants, sharing the application knowledge and skills of ChatGPT in the field of foreign trade, helping Shenzhen foreign traders to increase the efficiency by 10 times, and mastering AI productivity in the new era.


In this [Application of ChatGPT in Foreign Trade Enterprises] training, Ms. Liu Xiaoling first gave everyone the concept of ChatGPT and the introduction of the page. It is an AI-based chatbot that can answer various questions. Attached here is a self-introduction from ChatGPT.


In addition, teacher Liu Xiaoling also briefly demonstrated the amazing effects of midjourney, another AI painting tool, in foreign trade product creativity, packaging design, and VI visual creativity. This AI tool can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprises in product design.


The topic of today's course is [Application of ChatGPT in the Work of Foreign Trade Enterprises]. Today, teacher Liu Xiaoling focused on explaining some parts that foreign trade companies are more concerned about business improvement: EDM email marketing, inquiry RFQ language expression optimization, company product advantage selling point output, live exhibition invitation copy output, etc.


In the ChatGPT application description, teacher Liu Xiaoling first made a prediction and put forward key requirements. After ChatGPT outputs the first version of English copy, use "continue", "make it more humorous", "chang it to be more formal", "chang it to be more connective" and so on. The instruction requires it to adjust its own copywriting to better meet the actual needs of foreign trade merchants.