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Amusement Park Lighting Creates a Dreamlike Scene

  • date: 2023-12-20
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Amusement park lighting projects can also be called amusement park lighting projects, outdoor amusement park LED lighting projects, etc. Through amusement park lighting projects, a dreamlike fairy tale world is created, making the landscape of the amusement park more attractive and attractive. The gaze of tourists.

LED flood light

1. Program objectives

Ordinary amusement park lighting pays too much attention to the appearance of building night lighting, and ignores or even lacks interesting lighting design and interactive lighting design, resulting in insufficient visitor experience. A good amusement park lighting design is based on the accurate positioning of the scenic spot style. The display lighting design of the amusement park can greatly improve the visitor experience and make the amusement park tour more exciting!

2. Program introduction

Amusement lighting design requires consistent architectural planning and design. The lighting design and system lighting design of the amusement park should follow the surrounding environment and not just be a "popular" decoration!

3. Core lamps -LED floodlights

led flood lights

4. Technical advantages

1.The shell of led flood lights adopt integrated design, it optimize efficiency of heat dissipation.

2. LED light body adopt surface baking varnish disposal, shape is elegant.

3. MCPET Reflective sheeting is used; it improves more than 25% of lamp effect.

4. External power supply and the lamp body is fixed together directly, it’s more safe,and easy for installation and package.

5. One-stop services such as R&D, design, production, installation, management, and maintenance

5. Implement functions

The lighting design of the amusement park not only allows visitors to experience the fun of communication, but also provides an entertainment atmosphere, aiming to leave visitors with unforgettable feelings: surprise, joy or dreams. So many needs are inseparable from the lighting's rendering of the environment!

6. Plan summary

The lighting of the amusement should adopt the colorful night scene lighting design scheme of the amusement. It can enhance the entertainment atmosphere, highlight the style and individual design of the amusement, and improve the overall brand image. The amusement park should reflect the fun of "playing" and mainly highlight the entertainment lighting design of the park and the lighting design of scenic spots, bringing many rich play experiences to tourists!