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How to Buy LED Flood Lights for Your Basketball Courts

  • date: 2024-02-10
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Basketball court lights LED floodlights are mainly based on vertical light poles. Based on different brightness requirements, different numbers of light poles and heights of light poles are set, which is also flexible. It is mainly composed of LED lamp beads, LED housing, and power supply. They are also the main three parts that determine the life of the lamp. In particular, the LED lamp bead determines the main life of the LED downlight.

basketball court lights

Generally speaking, sports lighting manufacturers will use stable lamp bead products on the market. The lamps produced in this way have high brightness, long life, and the price is basically acceptable to customers in the market. If the lamp bead determines the main life of the lamp, then the power supply is equivalent to the heart of the entire lamp and has a greater impact on the life of the lamp bead. Currently, LED outdoor floodlights are powered by 110-220V, with 220V being the main one.

basketball court flood lights

LED basketball court floodlight purchase instructions:

1. The light source of tennis court lighting should be metal halide lamp (white light);

2. The lamps should be floodlight type, the reflectors should be clear, and integrated lamps should be used;

3. The light source power adopts LED180w-400w according to the height of the lamp, lighting density and lighting requirements.

4. According to different competition levels, the lights can be controlled in groups;

5. The height of the lamp is preferably 6-8 meters, and it should be installed above the human line of sight;

6. The distance between lamps should be larger to appropriately reduce the glare;

7. It must not be dazzling. The dazzling problem is still one of the main problems that plagues badminton halls.

8. Lights with long service life, small light attenuation, low maintenance rate and low replacement rate.

9. There is safety guarantee and after-sales service. When the light fails, it can be returned for repair or replacement.

LED basketball court floodlights can not only be used in basketball courts, but can also be used for square lighting, building lighting, sculpture lighting, landscape lighting, courtyard lighting, etc. When installing LED floodlights, we need to pay attention to whether they must be installed. The correct input voltage matches the input power supply. For conventional AC220V AC power supply, we should connect the standard live wire, neutral wire and ground wire in order and avoid reverse connection or wrong connection.

basketball court lights