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Cabochon Lights for Sale : Advantages of Aglare Amusement LED Lights

  • date: 2024-04-30
  • category: Industry news
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Since its establishment in 2005, Aglare Lighting has been a crowning luminary in the sphere of amusement LED lighting. As China's paramount manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, the company has earned its stripes, and its quality assurance is ratified by ISO certification. Breathing life into the lights industry for close to two decades, Aglare's proficiency sheds a bright halo around your entertainment projects.



At Aglare, our mantra is to walk you through every step of the journey, from the initial thought-concept of the product to the final execution of its manufacturing. That’s because our core interest is meeting our clients’ specific necessities. Empowering clients’ visions with both quality and competitive pricing forms the very backbone of our business operations.

A Glance at Why Aglare LED Lights are the Gold-standard in cabochon Lighting

Our cabochon LED lights are manufactured with anti-UV raw materials. This means, even under constant exposure to the harshest sunlight, your lights will never lose their luster or develop a yellow taint. Truly designed for the long haul, our LED lights stand firm against the test of time.

Our cabochon LED lights are not just durably designed; they are also impressively reliable. Boasting an IP65 waterproof degree, they are shrewdly engineered with multiple lines of defense against water intrusion:

Every LED lamp comes with a cap for PCB board protection.

Beneath the cover, a silica ring fights water penetration.

The PCB board itself is reinforced with silicone glue.

At the PCB board's back, another silica ring proves a sturdy bulwark against moisture.

As such, leaving our cabochon LED lights exposed to the elements is nothing to fret over. The extensive technology we’ve invested gives them the power to repel water effectively.


Aglare Lighting: Superior Quality From The Root Level

Aglare stands head and shoulders above the competition due to our control over the lighting production process from the root level. Unlike other suppliers who depend on silver-wired chips, Aglare self-produces SMD chips, utilizing gold wire for welding. Gold wire is renowned for its superior cold-resistance and heat-resistance properties. This gives our lamps an edge in quality, majorly boosting their performance and longevity. That is just one of the myriad ways Aglare Lighting illuminates the night, turning your cabochon  setups into dazzling spectacles.