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Aglare Lighting at IAAPA Expo Asia Bangkok 2024

  • date: 2024-05-31
  • category: Expo news
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IAAPA Expo International is one of the world's largest events for outsourcing products and services in different industries, putting innovation and new technologies at the center of the stage.

In 2024, from May 28 to 30, the prestigious IAAPA Expo Asia unfolded its grandeur at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, nestled in Bangkok, Thailand. This event, comprising a conference and display space spanning an impressive 25,000 square meters, succeeded in drawing over 518 international trade entities to showcase their state-of-the-art offerings and services.


Aglare Lighting: Dynamic Presence at the IAAPA Asia Expo

Emerging as a high point at the IAAPA Amusement Equipment Exhibition 2024 based in Bangkok, Aglare Lighting, an eminent name in the industry, unveiled an exciting array of its iconic lighting fixtures including LED amusement facility lighting and the much-loved RGB floodlight products. This exhibition witnessed the display of a diverse mix of LED lighting solutions built for amusement equipment, such as LED pixel lights, LED point source lights, LED strip lights, floodlights, stage lights, LED sports lights, LED landscape lights, LED tunnel lights, RGB floodlights, and other vital accessories.


The IAAPA Asia Expo 2024: Aglare’s Pathway to Brand Enhancement and the Global Market

Engagement with IAAPA Asia Expo 2024 allowed Aglare Lighting to delve deeper into the international market, besides presenting convenient opportunities to reconnect with existing customers. The exhibition notably bolstered the visibility of the Aglare Lighting brand on a worldwide scale. Most crucially though, it facilitated listening to our customer base, understanding their product-needs, and candidly receiving their treasured input for our product line refinement and enhancement.




AGLARE Lighting, inviting the world with products and services

AGLARE Lighting, in the name of IAAPA Asia Expo, sincerely invites global customers and partners to move forward side by side, seek common development and talk about the future with safe, professional, energy-saving and efficient high-quality products and systematic services.