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How long do solar garden lights stay on?

  • date: 2022-12-16
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Solar garden lights have been used frequently in recent years. They only need to be installed under the sun to make the solar lights shine. So, How long do solar garden lights stay on? Let's take a brief look at it together.

How long do solar garden lights stay on?

Generally around 3-8 hours. Because there are many factors that determine how long the solar garden light is on, such as whether the sun is sufficient on the day, the battery capacity, the quality of the solar garden light, etc., so if you want the solar garden light to last longer, you need to choose a solar garden with good quality and large battery capacity. Lights, and solar garden lights must be installed in a sunny place.

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What solar garden lights are best?

1. Look at the light pole structure

Good-quality light poles generally adopt a tapered design, and the exterior will be sprayed with plastic. The protective layer is tight, otherwise the flange bolts will be easily oxidized when exposed to air, which will not only affect performance, but also accelerate aging.

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2. Look at the lampshade

There are various types of lamps and lanterns on the market. According to professionals, the reflectors of better lamps and lanterns are made of aluminum plate, which is made by stretching and oxidation film treatment, and the reflective performance is very good. The lampshade on the lamp is generally made of PC material, which not only has high temperature resistance and anti-aging performance, but also has very good light transmission performance, which can reach more than 85%.

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3. Look at the battery

Solar garden lights mainly absorb solar energy through the panels, and then store it in the battery, and then convert it into electricity when needed to make the lamps shine. Therefore, if you want to buy high-quality lamps, the battery is a very important part. The quality is better. And the capacity is large.