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Buying Outdoor LED Flood Lights | What are the Common Types

  • date: 2023-12-28
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Welcome to Aglare guide to buying the best outdoor LED floodlights What are the common types.LED floodlights are a type of lamp that we have seen more frequently on the market and are used in large-area lighting places, outdoor or indoor. Conventional LED floodlights are waterproof and dustproof, and the protection level can generally reach IP65, can be widely used in various outdoor lighting places. The main features of LED floodlights are large lighting angle (above 100°), wide power range (3W-1000W), wide lighting range, uniform illumination, etc. LED floodlights The main uses are large-area lighting and decorative lighting. Large-area lighting places include sports lighting, architectural lighting, square lighting, building lighting, sculpture lighting, advertising sign lighting, etc. Decorative lighting includes garden tree lighting, Landscape lighting, stage lighting\courtyard lighting and other characteristic decorative lighting;

What are the types of LED floodlights commonly used outdoors?

1. COB integrated LED floodlight

The main difference of this type of LED floodlight is that the type of LED lamp beads used is COB high-power integrated lamp beads as the light source. The power of a single integrated COB light source can be 10W-500W. Generally, we use multiple 50W lamp beads for conventional integrated lamp beads. There are many. For example, a lamp body is equipped with two 50W LED integrated lamp beads. For integrated LED floodlights, we mostly use a square die-cast aluminum lamp body with an integrated structure and a simple and elegant appearance. The common styles are as follows:

led flood lights

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2. SMD patch type led floodlight

  SMD LED floodlights mainly refer to LED light sources that use SMT patches to attach multiple LED beads to a designed aluminum substrate. The number of patches on a single aluminum substrate mainly depends on the power of the lamp and the size of the aluminum substrate. And it depends on the actual power of a single lamp bead. Usually, if 1W3030 lamp beads are used, the number of lamp beads attached to a 100W LED floodlight fixture is 100. SMD LED floodlight lamp bodies mostly use die-cast aluminum lamp bodies. The light source area is large, and the lighting angles are 100°, 120°, etc. The conventional SMD LED floodlight styles are as follows:

SMD LED floodlight

outdoor flood lights

  3. Modular LED floodlight

The structure of modular LED floodlights mainly uses multiple modules spliced together. Generally, the power of a single module is between 30W-60W. If high power is required, such as 100W, we will use a combination of two 50W modules. The lamp beads of modular LED floodlights also use SMT. Different numbers of LED lamp beads are attached to a single module according to needs. The module radiators of this type of LED floodlights mostly use aluminum profiles and fins. Aluminum radiator, modular light-emitting angle is controlled by lens. Lenses with multiple light-emitting angles can be selected according to the lighting location. For example, if used in places with a wide lighting range, we usually choose 90° or 120° light-emitting angles;

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outdoor flood lights

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