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Best LED Sports Lights: Buyer How to Choose

  • date: 2024-01-04
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LED floodlights have become indispensable lamps for homes and outdoor streets after sunset. Getting good quality bright LED floodlights can improve the quality of life, some people use these lights to light up their large outdoor sports fields, stadiums such as football, tennis, baseball, basketball courts, they can be used to light up the exterior areas of the facility and surroundings. It can better meet the lighting needs of sports venues and improve the safety and comfort of games and spectators. If you are looking for the best LED floodlight sports stadium lighting products, then consider one of the best LED sports lights given below, which have been selected based on the following factors:

led sports light

1.LED Sports Lights Power selection

However, how much power should I use? if you have a 50 square.In meters yards, the luminance requirement is 50 x 100 = 5000 lumens.For an LED of 130 lumens per watt, the power required is 5,000/130 = 38.5W.So a 40W LED is appropriate.

2.LED Sports Light Beam angle

Beam angle is actually a vital factor of a lighting fixture. This is because it affects the lighting profile – how the light spread. The common beam angle of flood light falls between 10° to 120°. Larger the angle, wider the light beam. The importance is that if the mounting height is low, says around 8 to 10 feet, it is advised to use the beam angle of >90°. For the higher installation like above 15 ft, we can use the smaller beam angle such as 40°-60°.

If we adopt the big beam angle for high mounting height, most of the light beam will spread outward the field before reaching the ground. It would cause two issues. First, the brightness at the center of the yard will be low. Second, the light pollution will become more significant, the light beams scattered will affect the neighbor’s sleeping quality at night. So, we need to carefully select the beam angle of the led flood lights.

3.LED Sports Light Color temperature

In lighting industry, we define the light color as the color temperature. There three main categories. The warm white light color is around 3000 to 3500K, natural daylight is around 4500 to 5000K, and cool white is about 5500K to 6500K. If you want to create relaxing feeling at home, we can select the 3000K flood light. On the contrary, we may use cool white or natural daylight to illuminate the driveway as we can see the road clearly.

4.Service life

Another reason to replace the conventional light to LED is the increased life service time. According to the product description, the working time of the LED flood lights can be 50000 to 100000 hours, which is 5 to 10 times of halogen and metal halide lights.

The lights having higher life span would always be your best choice because it is costly to buy the new lamps & install them, especially you are having the large-scale replacement. If you turn on the lights for 10 hours per day, LED runs about 25-30 years. In reality, many customers complain that the metal halide or halogen lamps goes off easily, within 4-8 months use. Hence, switching to LED save you a lot of time and money.

5.LED Sports Light Waterproof

Water resistant is a vital feature for outdoor led flood light &stadium lights. To be able to work under rain or snow storm, the luminary should have at least IP65 ingress protection rating. However, having such the IP rating doesn’t mean that we can directly splash a large amount of water on the lights. Most outdoor floodlights are designed for resisting the rain water or snow. But our led stadium lights are real IP65 waterproof rate.

6.LED Sports Light Heat dissipation

It is seldom mentioned in the product page if you are a constant Amazon’s customer. The fact is that the LED chips will be damaged if the junction temperature keeps incredibly high. A good flood light should have effective heat sink system transferring the heat from the internal structure to outside. Aluminum is a good conducting material to fabricate the heat dissipation system. We can select the LED that is made of aluminum or the related alloy.

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