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How to Wire LED Waterproof Light Strips

  • date: 2024-01-12
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LED waterproof light strip is a lighting product commonly used for indoor and outdoor decoration. Its wiring needs to follow certain steps and precautions to ensure that the circuit is safe, reliable and has a long service life. Its wiring needs to be done with caution and in strict accordance with the instructions. During the wiring process, be sure to pay attention to safety, especially for people who do not understand electrical knowledge. It is recommended to ask a professional electrician to perform the wiring.

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The following are detailed instructions for wiring LED waterproof light strips:

1. Prepare tools and materials: You need to prepare wire strippers, wire crimpers, electrical tape, LED waterproof light strips, power drivers and plugs, etc.

2. Determine the output voltage of the power driver: Before wiring, it is necessary to determine whether the output voltage of the selected power driver matches the rated voltage of the light strip to avoid overcurrent or undercurrent causing insufficient brightness or burning out of the light strip.

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3. Peel off the insulation layer of the power driver and LED light strip: Use wire strippers to peel off the insulation layer of about 5 mm from the two power wires of the power driver. Also peel off the insulation layer of the wires on both sides of the LED light strip. open the same length.

4. Connect the wires of the power driver and the LED light strip: Use a crimping plier to connect the wires of the power driver and the LED light strip. Be careful to connect the red wire to the red wire and the black wire to the black wire to prevent reverse connection and cause the lamp to malfunction. The belt is not working properly.

5. Test whether the circuit is normal: After completing the wiring, use a multimeter or voltmeter to check whether the circuit is normal. First, insert the power driver plug into the mains socket, then connect the black probe of the multimeter to the black wire of the light strip, and the red probe to the red wire of the light strip. At this time, you should see the voltage value displayed on the screen. If If not, you need to check whether the wiring is correct or whether there is a short circuit or other problems.

6. Fix and protect the wires: After confirming that the circuit is normal, you need to use electrical tape or other insulating materials to fix and protect the wires to prevent them from falling off or being damaged due to swinging or external extrusion.

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