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Best Budget:Aglare Lighting 2-Lamp Outdoor Flood Light

  • date: 2024-01-16
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If you’re looking for the best outdoor floodlights on a budget, the Aglare Lighting 2-Light Outdoor Floodlight is worth considering. The light has two bright floodlights that can illuminate billboards, tunnels, gardens, courtyards, driveways, bridges, culverts, squares, sports field lighting, stadiums, and architectural lighting.

1. Commercial Outdoor LED Flood Light

commercial outdoor flood lights

LED floodlight is a point light source that can illuminate evenly in all directions, and the illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily. Mainly used for architectural decoration lighting, sports and commercial space lighting.

LED floodlight features:

LED floodlight is an outdoor lighting fixture that can illuminate all directions. When the current is small, the temperature rise of the LED floodlight is not obvious. If the ambient temperature is high, the wavelength of the LED floodlight will shift laterally and the brightness will decrease. There will be a decline, the light will be even and the consistency will become worse. Therefore, the heat dissipation design of LED floodlights is very important. Its irradiation range can be rotated at will. LED floodlights are widely used in effect production and can be placed anywhere in the scene. Because the irradiation range of LED floodlights is large, the irradiation effect of LED floodlights is very easy to predict.

2. RGB LED floodlight outdoor

 RGB LED floodlights

Outdoor RGB LED floodlights can achieve gradient, jump, color flash, random flash, gradient alternation and other effects through the control of the built-in microchip. They can also achieve chasing, scanning and other effects through the control of dmx512. Applicable places include ancient building exterior wall lighting, building lighting, theme parks, amusement parks, garden landscape lighting, hotels, KTV and other large areas that require lighting.

The definition of outdoor LED floodlights: We call floodlights if the lighting angle of the lamp is greater than or equal to 90%, and it is called a floodlight if it is less than 90%. The lighting angles of today's LED floodlights generally include: 60°, 90°, 100°, 110°, 120°, etc.; 

The role of outdoor LED floodlights: large irradiation area, which is characterized by a wide lighting range, so many large-area lighting at close range uses LED floodlights lamp

The conventional powers of outdoor LED floodlights include: 50W, 100W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 350W, 400W, 500W, 1000W

Scope of application of outdoor LED floodlights

For example, applications in urban landscape lighting include: building lighting, garden plant lighting, sculpture lighting, advertising sign lighting, image wall lighting, courtyard lighting; industrial lighting includes factories, production workshops, warehouses, etc., and indoor and outdoor sports venues. Lighting, square high pole lighting, road lighting, etc.