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How Much is the Brightness of the 200 Watt LED Lights?

  • date: 2024-02-19
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 How Much is the Brightness of the 200 Watt LED Lights?There is no fixed range value for 200W LED floodlights because it is not solely determined by wattage. The range of LED floodlights is related to many factors such as its beam angle, light efficiency, environmental reflection coefficient, lamp height and the illumination standard required in the target area. aglare lighting has 100/150/200/250/300/400/500 LED floodlights. The greater the wattage of the light source, the farther the range and the higher the brightness. With a variety of models to choose from, appropriate lights can be configured according to the actual conditions of the lighting site to avoid failure to meet light efficiency requirements.

200w led flood light

So how far can LED floodlights of different wattages be projected? Generally speaking, the range of LED floodlights will be affected by its luminous angle. The larger the luminous angle, the farther the range will be. In addition, the installation height will also affect the range. The higher the installation height, the farther the range will be.

200W LED floodlight illumination:

Lumen Flux: 28000lm, Luminous Efficiency 130lm/W-160lm/W, the light effect can reach 20 meters; the 200W LED floodlight light effect can reach 15 meters; the 100W spotlight light effect can reach 10 meters, very suitable for some outdoor commercial lighting and signboards Surface light, backlight and side light for advertising and sports lighting venues.

In addition, the use environment will also affect the range, such as light absorption and reflection. Therefore, only by selecting appropriate lamps and installation solutions, and determining the appropriate installation height and angle based on actual needs and usage environment, can we ensure that the range of the LED floodlight meets the requirements.

If you need specific 200W LED floodlight range values, it is recommended to consult a professional LED floodlight supplier or lighting designer. They can provide appropriate suggestions based on your specific needs and usage environment.

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