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Can you use LED light strips outside?

  • date: 2024-02-21
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In the past two years, with the development trend and popularization of LED light strips, they can be cut or folded into the required length and shape. So after purchasing the light strip, can you use LED light strips outside?

LED light strips

The LED lights are waterproof and non-waterproof, and the waterproof ones are waterproof in rainy days. It is best to use waterproof light strips for indoor and outdoor lighting. As long as you purchase LED light strips specifically marked for outdoor use and install and maintain them correctly, you can safely use them in various outdoor scenes such as building outline lighting, landscape lighting, park decoration, bridge decoration, etc. However, attention should also be paid to regular inspection and replacement of aging parts to ensure continued safe use.

Outdoor LED light strips usually have the following characteristics:

1. Waterproof performance: Outdoor LED light strips need to have a high waterproof level, such as IP65, IP66 or even IP68, to ensure that even in rainy, snowy weather or high humidity environments, moisture can be prevented from entering the inside of the light strip and the circuit integrity can be maintained. Safe and working properly.

2. Weather resistance: Outdoor LED light strips should also have good weather resistance and be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as hot and cold shock, ultraviolet radiation, and salt spray erosion.

3. Fixing method: Due to the unstable outdoor environment, it is not advisable to use temporary fixing methods such as 3M glue that are easily affected by the environment. Instead, use dedicated slots, buckles or screws and other stable installation methods.

4. Structural design: Outdoor LED light strips may also have enhanced structural design, including but not limited to special processing of circuit boards, connectors, shells and other parts to ensure their durability under long-term outdoor use.

When LED light strips are used in indoor lighting design, the installation is very simple compared to outdoor. You can choose conventional light strips and install them in the form of adhesive tape. The back of the regular light strips has self-adhesive 3m double-sided tape. Tear off the 3m double-sided tape during installation. The sticker on the surface of the adhesive tape can be used to fix the light strip to the location where it needs to be installed.

Before installing the light strip, you need to measure it first, and purchase the length of the light strip based on the actual length and the minimum cutting size of the light strip. In addition, different light strip models have different series lengths, usually over long and constant. The series length of Flow series light strips can reach 10-30 meters.

led strip lights outdoor

Outdoor installation of LED light strips:

Light strips for outdoor use need to have various properties, such as UV resistance, waterproof, sun protection, yellowing resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., to ensure that the light strips are stable and long-lasting during use.

For outdoor installation, buckles or slots will be used for installation.

Due to its strong flexibility, low voltage and safety, rich color temperature, light weight, flexible size and other characteristics, light strips are widely used in lighting design. The installation method of light strips is also very mature and can meet various installation environments.

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