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What lights to use in a tunnel?

  • date: 2024-03-05
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When we drive through a tunnel, we will see various lights installed in the tunnel, and the driving lights installed on both sides of the tunnel are also called tunnel lights. Many old tunnels use high-pressure sodium tunnel lights, while new tunnels generally use LED tunnel lights. Nowadays, many old tunnel lights are being renovated and high-pressure sodium tunnel lights are replaced by LED tunnel lights.

LED tunnel lights are energy-saving lamps with high luminous efficiency, long life, high color rendering index, no ultraviolet rays and no flicker. Compared with high-pressure sodium lamps, they have obvious advantages. LED tunnel lights have many color temperatures, and different color temperatures are selected according to the use environment. For example, in mountainous areas with heavy fog, low color temperature LED tunnel lights, such as about 4000K, are generally used. Low color temperature lights have strong penetrating power. In areas with low fog, high color temperature LED tunnel lights, such as 5500-6000K, are used. High color temperature lights have weaker penetrating power, but have higher light efficiency. It can optimize the road surface conditions in the tunnel, improve the visual enjoyment in the tunnel, reduce driver fatigue, and help improve the tunnel traffic capacity and ensure traffic safety. What lights to use in a tunnel?What are the commonly used tunnel lamps for tunnel lighting? aglare lighting takes you through it.

LED tunnel light:

1. High light efficiency and high brightness LED light source

2. The light distribution is scientific and reasonable to meet the lighting uniformity and anti-glare requirements of each section of the tunnel.

3. Modular design of the light source. Each module can be installed and disassembled separately, making maintenance convenient and fast, reducing a series of costs.

4. The series of products is rich in variety, which can meet the lighting requirements of the four sections of the tunnel: the entrance section, the transition section, the basic section and the exit section.

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The LED tunnel lights at the entrance and exit sections of the tunnel have high power density, which can be used to enhance lighting, increase brightness, minimize the brightness contrast inside and outside the tunnel, reduce the black hole or white hole phenomenon, and enhance driving safety.

There are also emergency tunnel lights for lighting in the tunnel. When there is no power outage, the mains power supply is used normally and used as an ordinary tunnel light. When there is a power outage, it automatically switches to the emergency lighting mode and is used as emergency lighting. Generally, one-third of the basic lighting fixtures in tunnels are emergency LED tunnel lights.

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There are flashing floor lights on both sides of the road in the tunnel, called LED induction lights, which usually have white light on one side and yellow light on the other. It plays the role of guiding vehicles and is of great help to the safe driving of vehicles in tunnels. Some tunnels are also equipped with outline lights on both sides of the road surface.

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There are also arc-shaped lights in the tunnel that curve along the tunnel wall, which are called tunnel outline markers. They are usually bright and conspicuous by reflecting the vehicle lights, allowing drivers to see the outline of the tunnel clearly.

In addition to these lights, there are generally some indicator lights in the tunnel, such as lane indicators, emergency telephone indicators, fire sign light boxes, emergency stop sign lights, pedestrian traffic sign lights, etc.

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