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RGB LED Floodlight Not Working - How to Fix?

  • date: 2024-02-29
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RGB LED floodlight not working

How to choose high-quality RGB led floodlight products

RGB LED floodlights have the advantages of multiple colors, good color rendering, high brightness, low power, long life, energy saving and environmental protection. It has been widely used in lighting engineering projects for decoration of amusement park facilities, theme parks, stages, landscapes and other places. So, what should we do if the RGB LED floodlight does not work or light up, flashes on and off, sometimes lights up and sometimes does not light up, and only lights up a little? Below aglare lighting provides you with several possibilities for reference.

flood lights not working

RGB LED floodlight not working?

If the RGB LED floodlight is broken, there is usually a problem with the light source or driver. The problem is likely to occur only if the light source and power supply are damaged at the same time. The reasons why the LED floodlight does not light up are as follows:

1. The power supply is broken and there is no power on: The main reason why the RGB floodlight is broken is that the power supply is broken. The power supply provides a constant current operating voltage to the light source. Usually, many floodlights are broken because of the damage to the power supply. Another situation is that when the power supply is good, the light starts to light up and then starts to flicker. The reason is that the heat of the lamp beads cannot be dissipated, causing the light to flicker. Another situation is that the temperature difference between winter and summer in some places is too large, making the operating temperature of the power supply either too high or too low, so it cannot operate stably.

2. The solder joints on the line are weakly welded, resulting in no power supply: the integrated lamp bead inside the floodlight is connected to two wires. Are there any false soldering, weak soldering, or cold soldering in the lamp bead? Are the connection points of the power input line Looseness, whether there is a circuit break, etc. will cause the floodlight to not light up, and the drive connection cable is damaged, which will also cause the floodlight to not light up.

3. The light source is broken and the lamp does not light up: Floodlights are usually made in the form of integrated lamp beads. The current of the power supply is too high, and the lamp beads themselves may be damaged. Another situation is that the waterproof function of the floodlight is not good, and water enters the lamp, causing the lamp beads to be burned when the light is turned on again. There are also problems such as the chip service life is too short or the quality is not good.

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RGB LED Floodlight Not Working - How to Fix?

LED floodlights can be repaired, but they cannot be repaired by non-professionals. It is recommended to find a manufacturer that specializes in producing LED lights for help.

How to choose high-quality RGB led floodlight products

1. Lamp bead quality: Choosing a light bar with high-quality LED lamp beads can ensure pure color and uniform light emission.

2. Control method: Choose a light strip that supports the DMX512 protocol, and you can adjust multiple colors and brightness through a computer or other controller.

3. Protection level: Consider the protection level of the light bar, including waterproof and dustproof levels, to adapt to different usage environments.

4. After-sales service: Only by choosing a brand with good after-sales service can you ensure smooth and safe use.

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