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What is Fairground Lighting? Why Do We Need Fairground Lights?

  • date: 2024-03-04
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What is Fairground Lighting? 

Why Do We Need Fairground Lights?

The fairground lighting design aims to provide a safe, comfortable and interesting lighting environment for the fairground, so that visitors can enjoy a pleasant playing experience at night. The lighting of the fairground needs to take into account the characteristics of different amusement facilities and the needs of the place to create unique lighting effects.

What is fairground lighting?

What is fairground lighting?

Fairground lighting features cabochon light bulbs and refers to a range of lighting solutions used primarily for amusement equipment and signage in theme parks. These lights are often displayed in vibrant displays on ferris wheels, roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, merry-go-rounds, wheel rides, tower rides, rapids rides, water ride lighting or signage, spelling out words or forming Intricate patterns to attract attention. Cabochon bulbs stand out for their boldness, weather resistance and ease of connection to create stunning and creative custom designs.

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Why do we need fairground lights?

Fairground lights are popular for their use in hundreds, if not thousands, of different projects. Each bulb can be individually positioned and programmed, providing unparalleled design freedom. They are cost-effective, LED fairground lighting uses less energy and lasts longer (up to ten years) than other bulb types. The lights can be seen from a distance, providing an eye-catching yet simultaneously comfortable and exciting atmosphere for businesses and events.

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Various  fairground cabochon light bulbs

Known for their versatility,  fairground cabochon bulbs are available in a variety of wattages, shapes and sizes, including:

Fairground E10 light bulbs: widely used in commercial events and special occasions, available in unique diamond shapes and a variety of colors.

Flat E10 Bulbs: Differentiated from traditional E10 bulbs in their lighting capabilities and available finishes and colors.

Fairground E14 light bulbs: Known for their professional appearance and luminous effect, they are popular at corporate events.

Pixel Cabochon Bulb: Known for its high-tech features, including programmability and connectivity.

RGB cabochon bulbs: characterized by ultra-thin design, individual programming and use in large lighting displays.

Key Benefits of LED fairground Lights

Energy Efficiency: They use low-wattage LEDs, which use less power and last longer than other types of bulbs.

HIGH QUALITY LIGHTING: fairground lighting allows for bold, eye-catching effects that are unparalleled.

DURABILITY & RELIABILITY: Designed to be weather-resistant and last up to 10 years.

Safe to operate: These low-wattage bulbs operate at lower temperatures, increasing their safety.

Controllability: Ability to create any type of custom design.

Choose the fairground lights that fit your needs

Choosing the right fairground lights depends on your specific requirements. Such as the size of the supporting structure and the required brightness. It's important to consider the size of your project, as cabochons and other types of fairground lights and kits (including power supplies, connectors, and enough light bulb cables) can accommodate a variety of project sizes. Additionally, assembly instructions are provided in the kit, but care must be taken when handling electrical equipment.

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