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A Handy Guide: How to choose LED Landscape Flood Lights?

  • date: 2024-05-15
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Landscape floodlights refer to outdoor lighting projects that not only have lighting functions, but also have the functions of artistic decoration and environmental beautification. Whether it is indoor decorative effect, it can be used in playground lighting, theme parks, carnival lighting, urban landscapes, courtyards, and building facades for lighting. However, there are so many LED landscape floodlight options on the market that it is difficult to It's hard to find a light that suits your needs. To make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together everything you need to know about choosing the right LED landscape floodlights.

In this guide:

1.What are landscape flood lights

2.Which landscape flood lights manufacturers is better in China? How much?

3.How to choose outdoor landscape flood light power?



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What are landscape flood lights

Landscape floodlights are an indispensable part of modern landscapes. They not only have high ornamental value, but also emphasize the coordination and unity of the landscape of artistic lamps, the history and culture of the scenic spot, and the surrounding environment. Landscape floodlights use different shapes, different light colors and brightness to create landscapes.

Which landscape flood lights manufacturers is better in China? How much?

Proudly standing as a global hub for manufacturing, China hosts innumerable manufacturers within its borders spanning a myriad of industries. The sector producing landscape flood light is no different, bubbling with countless manufacturers vying for the spotlight. However, as diverse as it is, this market also tends to be rather unregulated, causing immense confusion for customers when it comes to pinpointing the ideal flood light producer. So, how do we identify the superior landscape flood light manufacturers in this vast Chinese arena?

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Decoding Company Ethics through Pricing: The Tale of LED Floodlights

The conscience of a landscape flood light manufacturer, believe it or not, can be gauged through the prism of their specific pricing framework. Take a stride down the landscape flood light market; you will encounter a vast discrepancy in the price tags attached to identical LED floodlights. Some premium LED flood lights could be priced multifold higher than their cheaper counterparts. The raison d'être for this phenomenon can be traced back to certain unethical business practices prevalent among manufacturers.

A deep dive into these practices reveals the competitive desperation that drives some LED flood light manufacturers to drastically cut production costs to deliver at a lower price point, enticing customers with apparent 'bargains'. This tactic, though effective in securing orders, often involves cutting corners during production, resorting to substandard chips and power supplies. This not only compromises the quality of lights but also potentially threatens the branding and reputation of the manufacturers in the long run.

How to choose outdoor landscape flood light power?

1. Determine lighting needs: First of all, you must clarify the specific needs for LED landscape floodlights for lighting, such as the size of the lighting area, lighting intensity requirements, whether dimming functions are needed, etc. These factors will determine the required lighting power range.

2. Size of the lighting area: roughly measure the area of the lighting area, usually in square meters. For wider areas, you may need higher powered floodlights to ensure adequate lighting brightness.

3. Lighting intensity requirements: According to the purpose of the lighting area, determine the required lighting intensity, usually in lux (Lux). Lux refers to the intensity of light on a specific area. Different scenes have different lighting requirements, such as indoor, outdoor, decorative lighting, etc.

4. Usage scenarios: Different usage scenarios require different lighting effects. For example, outdoor plazas require bright and intense lighting, while indoor exhibitions require soft and even lighting. Choose the appropriate wattage power according to different scenarios.

5. Consider energy saving: Try to choose energy-saving LED landscape floodlights. Efficient LED light sources can provide higher lighting effects while reducing energy consumption and saving electricity bills.

6. Consider environmental factors: If LED landscape floodlights are used outdoors, environmental factors such as ambient temperature, waterproof level, etc. need to be considered to ensure the performance and lifespan of the floodlights.

7. Consult professionals: If you are unsure about lighting calculations and product selection, you can consult the manufacturer and we will provide you with appropriate suggestions based on your specific needs.