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LED Tunnel Lights: What is the best lighting for tunnels?

  • date: 2023-12-05
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What is the best lighting for tunnels? How much power of LED tunnel lights can be used in the tunnel to meet the lighting needs in the tunnel? Different tunnels will use LED tunnel lights with different powers. Highway tunnels will use LED tunnel lights with higher power, and ordinary secondary highway tunnels will use LED tunnel lights with relatively lower power.

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Generally speaking, if the entrance and exit sections of a highway tunnel need to be enhanced with lighting, higher-power LED tunnel lights will be used, such as 100W, 150W, 200W, etc., while lower-power LED tunnel lights will be used for the basic lighting section in the middle, such as 30W, 40W, 50W, etc. The power of the LED tunnel light in the transition section will be between the enhanced lighting section and the intermediate section, such as 70W, 80W, etc. How much power should be selected for LED tunnel lights? If it is a new tunnel, there will be clear requirements in the lighting design volume. If it is an old tunnel renovation, you can directly refer to the LED tunnel light power mentioned above.

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For ordinary secondary highway tunnel lighting, the requirements for enhanced lighting in the entrance section and exit section are not very high. That is to say, the power difference between the LED tunnel lights in the enhanced lighting section and the intermediate basic lighting section is not very big. Some directly use LED tunnels with the same power. Lights are only adjusted in terms of installation density. The installation density of LED tunnel lights in the enhanced lighting section is higher than that in the middle basic lighting section. Generally, 30W~60W LED tunnel lights are used.

Design requirements for power LED tunnel lights

1. Basic lighting needs to be installed in the tunnel whether during the day or at night. Generally, LED tunnel lights with a power of 30-60W are used. When vehicles enter the tunnel during the day, the brightness of the road surface should gradually decrease to allow the driver's vision to adapt. The entrance section is divided into an introduction section, an adaptation section and a transition section. The entrance section and transition section need to be enhanced with lighting. Generally, 100-200W power is used. LED tunnel lights.

2.Determine the length (S) of the introduction section, adaptation section and transition section. It is usually determined according to the vehicle speed (V) and the adaptation time of T=2s. It can be estimated by S=VT/3.6m; the exit section should also be equipped with a transition Lighting, in case of two-way traffic, is the same as in the entrance section.

3.There is no enhanced lighting at the entrance and exit at night. LED street lights should be installed outside the tunnel, with a brightness not lower than 1/2 of the basic LED lighting brightness inside the tunnel; LED emergency tunnel lights should be installed inside the tunnel, with a brightness not lower than the basic brightness. 1/10.

Design plan of power LED tunnel light

Selection of LED tunnel light source: LED single-watt lumen output is the basic indicator that determines whether LED tunnel lights have practical value. According to requirements, the single-watt lumens of LEDs used in LED tunnel lights should reach more than 130 lumens. After nearly three years of LED After the rapid development of luminous efficiency, the luminous efficacy of LEDs that can be supplied in large quantities at this stage has reached more than 160lm/W, and the brightness is still increasing. Our company's LED tunnel lights use Philips, Osram and Cree lamp beads as the design light source. Taking advantage of the characteristics of LED light sources, which have a variety of different color temperatures to choose from, choosing an LED light source with a color temperature of 4000~6000K, which is similar to daylight, can effectively reduce "bright holes". ” and the “black hole” effect.

Power supply selection for LED tunnel lights: Tunnel lighting requires green and environmental protection, which requires energy saving, no flicker, no ultraviolet light, etc. This requires that the driving power supply of LED tunnel lights must use high power factor, stable constant current output, and cannot have Strobe. Our LED tunnel lights use high-quality isolated constant-current drive power supplies with a power factor of over 0.96 and a service life of over 50,000 hours. They are stable in performance, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

LED tunnel light light distribution design

According to the tunnel lighting requirements, different light distribution lamps are used for different lighting sections. According to the optical principles and the high directivity characteristics of the LED light source, reasonable light distribution is adopted to reduce the LED tunnel light fixtures while meeting the brightness or illumination requirements. power to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

1.The introduction section, adaptation section, transition section and exit section of the tunnel entrance section adopt asymmetric lighting distribution (backlighting). Under the same illumination conditions, LED tunnel lights can improve the road brightness compared with ordinary lighting165 %. At the same time, the advantages of LED unidirectional lighting are taken advantage of, and cut-off LED tunnel lights are used to strictly control the light intensity in large-angle directions and eliminate most of the glare.

2.In the basic section of the tunnel, the currently common light distribution types of LED tunnel lights include concentrated light distribution, side-beam light distribution, Lambertian light distribution, etc. Different application situations are suitable for different light distribution forms. For example, bat-wing light distribution should be used for road lighting, and concentrated light distribution should be used for spotlights. Due to the particularity of LED tunnel lighting, the arrangement density of lamps in tunnel lighting is very high, so the secondary light distribution form of lamps in tunnel lighting is different from that of general road lighting. In LED tunnel lighting, both bat-wing light distribution and Lambertian light distribution can meet the requirements of illumination uniformity. This is mainly due to the relatively small lamp distance in tunnel lighting. LED tunnel lights adopt bat-wing light distribution, that is, wide light band symmetrical lighting distribution. Under the same illumination conditions, compared with ordinary lighting, LED tunnel lights can increase road brightness by 83% and improve road brightness uniformity.

Through the above explanation, you should have a general understanding of the optimal power of LED tunnel lights for tunnel lighting.

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