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The Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor LED Strip Lights Installation

  • date: 2023-12-18
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LED Strip Lights are widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting design. So after purchasing light strips, how to install them?

In this guide:

1.The Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor LED Strip Lights

2.LED light strip indoor installation

3.Outdoor installation of strip lights

4.ReliableLED Strip Lights Suppliers

5.Things to note when installing strip lights

The installation method of the light strip is very flexible and suitable for a variety of installation environments. Different installation environments have different installation methods and installation precautions.

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LED light strip indoor installation:

When strip lights are used in indoor lighting design, the installation is very simple compared to outdoor. You can choose conventional light strips and install them in the form of adhesive tape. There is self-adhesive 3m double-sided tape on the back of the regular light strips. Tear off the 3m double-sided tape during installation. The sticker on the surface of the adhesive tape can be used to fix the light strip to the location where it needs to be installed.

Before installing the light strip, you need to measure it first, and purchase the length of the light strip based on the actual length and the minimum cutting size of the light strip. In addition, different light strip models have different series lengths, usually over long and constant. The series length of Flow series light strips can reach 10-30 meters.

Outdoor installation of strip lights:

Light strips for outdoor use need to have various properties, such as UV resistance, waterproof, sun protection, yellowing resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties, to ensure that the light strips are stable and long-lasting during use.

For outdoor installation, buckles or slots will be used for installation.

Due to its strong flexibility, low voltage and safety, rich color temperature, light weight, flexible size and other characteristics, light strips are widely used in lighting design. The installation method of light strips is also very mature and can meet various installation environments.

ReliableLED Strip Lights Suppliers

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Things to note when installing strip lights:

1. After you get the light strip, it is usually a whole roll. Do not connect the whole roll to light up the light strip, as it may damage the light strip.

2. Different light strip models have different minimum cutting sizes. Cut the light strip according to the actual installation length. There is a small scissor mark on the light strip, which is the cutting position of the light strip. Just cut it flat and cut it. Do not cut the light strip at will, as it may cause damage to the light strip and other adverse consequences.

3. When the light strips need to be connected in series, make sure they are light strips with the same specification and model. The series length cannot exceed the maximum series length, otherwise the light strips will be burned out.

4. When installing the light strip, you can perform wiring according to the installation diagram in the instruction manual.

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