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led flood light 250w
led flood light outdoor
led tunnel lights
led stadium light 250w
led tunnel lights 250w
led flood light 250w
led flood light outdoor
led tunnel lights
led stadium light 250w
led tunnel lights 250w

250W led tunnel flood lights outdoor 250W stadium lighting

  • Product model: AT444F-M250W60-60
  • LED type: 300pcs 3030LED
  • Input voltage: AC100-277V
  • Lamp power: 250W
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Warranty: 2
  • Luminous angle: 60°
  • luminance: 130lm/W-160lm/W

250W LED Flood Light outdoor football tennis baseball basketball stadium sport court lighting&tunnel lighting250W led tunnel flood lights

Product Parameters

led flood light 250w


Model No:AT444F-M250W60-60
LED type:

300pcs 3030LED

Input Voltage:AC100-277V
operating frequency:50/60HZ

power-supply efficiency:

power factor:>0.9
CRI: 70/80
Luminous Efficiency:130lm/W-160lm/W
LED light source life:50000H
operating ambient temperature: -40℃~50℃,20%~90% H.R
storage temperature:-45℃~55℃,10%~90% H.R
operating ambient temperature: -40℃~50℃,20%~90% H.R
Luminaire material:aluminium +Q235
Beam Angle: 60°
Defend grade: IP65
Warranty :2Years

Product Description:

We specialize in high-power LED Flood Lights ranging from 50W to 500W, suitable for various lighting needs.

Our LED floodlights are popularly used in tunnels, underground passages, football fields, tennis courts, and more.

Join our satisfied customers who choose Aglare Lighting for their LED floodlighting needs.

We also provide RGB LED floodlight controllers, allowing you to easily change colors and create dynamic lighting effects.

Enjoy the convenience of maintenance-free LED floodlights that require minimal upkeep.

Explore our hot-selling range of LED floodlights, including the 250W LED tunnel flood lights and stadium lighting.

Product Features:

1.The 250W LED Tunnel Flood Lights Outdoor 250W Stadium Lighting is built with a modular structure and aluminum housing, ensuring excellent heat dissipation and durability. 

2.With an IP65 rating, this flood light is designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. It is dustproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, and highly resistant to impact.

3.This LED flood light is designed to be energy-efficient, providing bright illumination while consuming less power. It is a cost-effective lighting solution for tunnel and underpass areas and stadium court lighting.


The 250W LED Tunnel Flood Lights Outdoor 250W Stadium Lighting is perfect for a wide range of applications. It is specifically designed for tunnel and underpass areas, delivering optimal visibility and ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for stadium court lighting, providing ample illumination for sports events and enhancing the overall experience for both players and spectators.

Led Flood Light For Outdoor Tunnel Lighting

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IP65 led flood light warm white 250w .jpg

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Product characteristics:

■ LED light source adopts polycrystalline package, high efficiency, 

stable performance, low light decay, no dead lamp.

■ Environmental protection and no pollution: all lamps and lanterns are free from lead, 

mercury and other harmful substances affecting the environment; 

No UV, infrared radiation harmful to human health; No light pollution to the surrounding environment.

■ High light efficiency: Using high light efficiency LED beads and high light transmittance optical lens, 

low system loss, high light efficiency.

■ Precise light distribution: The use of ultra-high level free-form surface or scale reflection design, 

further improve brightness and illumination uniformity and geometric utilization.

■ Super heat dissipation performance: high heat conduction fin heat dissipation and meet the fluid 

dynamics of heat dissipation technology, reduce the temperature rise, effectively extend the life of the lamp.

■ High efficiency and stability: constant current input, no start delay, not affected by power grid fluctuations, no stabs.

■ High safety: module input voltage is safe and low voltage, safe and reliable.

■ The light distribution scheme is rich and optional, the Angle adjustment is flexible, and the application is wide.

■ Light weight: Using fin high heat conduction radiator, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, safe and reliable.

■ Long service life: the service life is the same type of traditional lamps and lanterns 5-8 times, 

greatly saving maintenance costs.

■ RoHS compliant green products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can these flood lights be used outdoors? A: Absolutely! The 250W LED Tunnel Flood Lights Outdoor 250W Stadium Lighting is specifically designed for outdoor applications. With its IP65 rating, it is built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any outdoor environment.

Q: Are these flood lights energy-efficient? A: Yes, they are! Our LED flood lights are designed to be energy-saving, providing bright illumination while consuming less power. This makes them an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution.

Q: How long is the lifespan of these flood lights? A: The 250W LED Tunnel Flood Lights Outdoor 250W Stadium Lighting has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. With proper usage and maintenance, you can enjoy many years of reliable and efficient lighting.

Q: Are these flood lights easy to install? A: Absolutely! These flood lights come with all the necessary hardware and a user manual to guide you through the installation process. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, you will find the installation hassle-free and straightforward.

Upgrade your lighting solution with the 250W LED Tunnel Flood Lights Outdoor 250W Stadium Lighting. With its high-quality construction, weatherproof design, energy-saving capabilities, and easy installation, it is a reliable and efficient choice for tunnel and underpass areas as well as stadium court lighting. Don't compromise on quality and choose a lighting solution that delivers exceptional performance and durability.

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