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How far will a 200W LED flood light reach?

  • date: 2023-12-08
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  1. How far will a 200W LED flood light reach?

  2. High efficiency Aglare 200W LED flood light application introduction

When users buy LED flood lights, consumers will also consider the floodlight's whole illumination range. How can they be concerned that their newly purchased floodlight won't be able to reach very far and will interfere with everyday use? placing some weight on oneself.

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How far will a 200W LED flood light reach?

First, when it comes to how far it can illuminate normally, it still depends on the power of the lamp you choose and the specific model. Comparing styles, a 200w floodlight with a larger style and size can illuminate a longer distance. , and vice versa. When purchasing, you also need to consider which one is more suitable for you, because you need to combine your actual needs to make the most accurate judgment, and understand whether the irradiation distance can meet your requirements to prevent errors that may affect your health. Normal lighting decoration afterwards.

Second, it has a lot to do with the brand you choose. Different brands have different manpower, material resources, and technological content when making 200w floodlights, and their irradiation distance is also very different. When purchasing, you may want to compare the differences between different brands to understand which one is more suitable for you to choose and its specific exposure, how far away it is, and whether it can meet your choice? It is necessary to prevent errors from affecting the normal use of the place.

Therefore, from what is said above, we can clearly understand how far a 200w floodlight can normally go. It is indeed affected by many different factors. As long as you take these factors into consideration, you can find a suitable 200w floodlight.  can achieve good lighting effect and decorative value. If you don’t know the specific illumination distance, you can directly consult the staff, who will be clearer about this information.

High efficiency Aglare 200W LED flood light application introduction

Aglare Lighting is a professional manufacturer of high-power LED floodlights for engineering lighting. no UV or IR radiation, long life, energy saving, high cooling efficiency. 

As the main light source for large-area lighting, 200W floodlights are widely used in various scenarios such as stadiums, billboards, tunnels, bridges, culverts, squares, and sports field lighting.

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Aglare 200W LED Flood Light Features:

Our 200W LED floodlights adopt a modular design and an aluminum shell with high heat dissipation and durability. 

IP65 Waterproof.The luminaire has an IP65 rating, which means you're also electrically safe in the wet outdoors. Multi-weather resistant, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh weather conditions. Ideal for outdoor lighting use.

We also provide RGB LED floodlight controllers, allowing you to easily change colors and create dynamic lighting effects.

Explore our hot-selling range of LED floodlights, including the 200w led flood light warm white and LED sports lighting.

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