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Which Flood Light is Best for Outdoor?Buying Guide

  • date: 2023-12-20
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Which Flood Light is Best for Outdoor?As a common light source and light source for outdoor lighting, floodlights can be used in many situations. When purchasing outdoor floodlights, you should choose the type of lighting you want. Whether you are looking for floodlights or spotlights, there are many options to choose from. These products can be used in landscape lighting, sports lighting, commercial lighting, architectural lighting, advertising lighting, stage lighting and sports venues and other places.

There are many outdoor floodlights and spotlights on the market. Some of them are made of single colors, while others can be multi-colored. Regardless of the source, floodlights are suitable for lighting large areas. Despite the competition, Aglare Lighting is a manufacturer specializing in high-power LED floodlights for engineering lighting. Outdoor LED floodlights are one of our hot-selling products. We also produce and sell high-power 50W-500W LED module LED floodlights, LED tunnel lights, LED stadium floodlights and other LED lighting products.

Different types of outdoor floodlights

1. Monochrome LED floodlight

outdoor flood lights

  A monochrome LED  floodlight is a floodlight that emits only a single color. In outdoor architectural lighting, sculpture lighting, billboards, tunnels, bridges, culverts, squares, underground passages, sports field lighting and commercial lighting.

2. Colored LED flood lights

colored LED flood lights

Colored LED flood light is a floodlight that can emit multiple colors. This kind of lamp is mostly used in landscape lighting, amusement parks, theme parks, architectural lighting, urban lighting, public art, stage lighting effects, etc. It is widely used. Achieve colorful lighting effects from multiple angles.

3.LED Stadium floodlights

led stadium light

Stadium floodlighting is lighting that makes an outdoor target or venue brighter than its surroundings, and is a lighting method that projects light onto the exterior of a building at night. The advantage of this kind of floodlight is that the illumination angle can be adjusted so that it can illuminate different areas. Applied to lighting in stadiums, football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, rugby fields, racetracks, cricket fields and other scenes and sports fields.

outdoor spotlights

led spotlight outdoor

Features of outdoor floodlights

1. High brightness: Due to the high-power LED lamp beads used in floodlights, their brightness is enough to illuminate a large area and provide a bright lighting environment.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection: The floodlight adopts LED light source design, which can achieve better lighting effects at low power. Compared with traditional lamps, its energy-saving effect is more obvious, and it can also reduce energy waste.

3. Strong durability: The design of the floodlight is highly durable. The lamp body is made of aluminum alloy, which can withstand the challenges of various environments. The characteristics of pressure resistance, wear resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and high temperature resistance also make the lamps More durable.

4. High safety: The LED lamp beads used in floodlights do not contain toxic substances, harmful metals and other substances, and can be used with confidence.

Today, outdoor LED floodlights have been widely used in landscape lighting, billboards, tunnels, bridges, culverts, squares, underground passages, football fields, baseball fields, basketball courts and other sports field lighting scenarios. Aglare's LED floodlights use imported high-power lamp beads, which are anti-glare and non-staining, with high uniformity. They use high-quality constant current drive power supply, stable rectification, instant start and other functions. The protection level reaches IP65, regardless of the application. Whether it is a wide range of floodlights or LED lighting with high performance ratio, the products are widely favored by new and old customers. Please let Aglare illuminate your way forward with the best quality "light"!

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