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Shop 24v COB LED Strip Lights | COB LED Strip Selection Guide

  • date: 2024-05-08
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As a new type of flexible light strip, 24v COB LED light strips have many advantages such as higher brightness and more uniform light emission. COB LED light strips are welcomed by many architects and lighting designers. Whether it is the decorative effect of home interiors, or in various environments such as businesses and commercial real estate. However, with so many 24v COB LED strip lighting options on the market, it can be difficult to find a COB strip that suits your needs. To make your decision a little easier, we've put together everything you need to know about choosing the right 24v COB LED strip.

In this guide:

1.What is a 24v COB LED strip?

2.Types of 24v COB LED Strip Lights

3.Why choose 24v COB LED strip lights?

4.Choose the best 24v COB LED strip for your project

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Whatis a 24v COB LED strip?

The 24V COB LED light strip is an innovative solution that provides consistent light with no visible individual diodes. Compared with LED SMD, COB light strips have a simple structure and simple application. Using DC 24V voltage, it has high reliability and is suitable for home, business, exhibition and other environments;

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Types of 24v COB LED Strip Lights

COB LED light strip classification: bathroom LED light strip, COB LED light strip, commercial LED light strip, pointless LED light strip, Jingyuan LED light strip, game room LED light strip, kitchen LED light strip, living room LED lighting, garden LED Light strips, RGBW LED light strips, smart LED light strips

Aglare lighting's COB LED strips are available in the following colors: red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple, warm white 3000K, neutral white 4000K and cool white 6000K. Unlike most suppliers, we offer COB LED strips in smaller 3' increments up to 16.4' long (1 roll = 5M).

Why choose 24v COB LED strip lights?

COB light strips are usually powered by DC24V voltage and are connected in series or parallel. Compared with traditional LED light strips, COB light strips have higher brightness and better light color consistency.

At the same time, during operation, the COB light strip can also maintain a lower temperature rise, thereby extending its service life.

Choose the best 24v COB LED strip for your project

There are many different types of COB LED strip lights to choose from and choosing the right lighting for your event, outdoor landscaping, bedroom, Christmas, party, wedding, indoor home cabinet, DIY lighting, stage, kitchen can be difficult. Before choosing the right COB LED strip, it's important to have a clear understanding of what your event or project will involve. From your budget to the location of your event, there are many factors to consider when choosing a cabochon light.

Usage scenarios of COB light strips

COB light strips can be used in many places, such as commercial lighting, home lighting, stage lighting, automotive lighting and other fields.

In commercial lighting, COB light strips are usually used for lighting in stores, supermarkets, hotels, exhibition halls, offices and other places, which can improve lighting effects and lighting quality, thereby attracting more customers.

In home lighting, COB light strips can be used on ceilings, walls, cabinets, floors, etc. to create a comfortable and warm lighting atmosphere.

In stage lighting, COB light strips can be used in concerts, weddings, exhibitions and other occasions, and can present colorful lighting effects.

In automotive lighting, COB light strips are usually used in headlights, fog lights, daytime running lights, etc., which can improve lighting brightness and visibility and improve driving safety.

Of course, if the event is taking place outdoors, waterproof lighting is required. For lighting that suffers minimal damage from inclement weather.


2300K and 3000K warm white perception is a very warm color. This color temperature is more suitable for people to use when relaxing or resting, such as bedrooms, coffee shops and other places;

4000K, neutral white, more suitable for business occasions, so it will not be too warm or exciting;

5000K and 6500K belong to the cool white light range. This color temperature gives people a feeling of energy and excitement. This color temperature is suitable for shopping malls, offices, schools and public places with many people.

Of course, the type of COB light strip you choose will depend on the effect you want. If you want pre-programmed COB strip lighting, then you may want to choose RGB COB strips. Additionally, other cabochon lights come with controls so you can change the lights yourself.

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