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1000w LED Stadium Lights Price How Much?

  • date: 2024-05-15
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1000w led stadium lights price

What is the price of 1000w led stadium lights?

400w led flood light

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What is the price of 1000w led stadium lights? This is a question that many customers and friends of LED stadium lights are very concerned about. The first question some customers ask for is: 1000w led stadium lights price how much? After the eye-catching quotation, the first thing I felt was that it was expensive, even more expensive than the price of LED floodlights asked by other companies. In fact, there is a reason for all this. There are many LED floodlights on the market, and the prices of LED stadium lights are also varied and uneven. For example, there are less than 100 100W LED stadium lights and as many as 1,000. Why are the prices of the same configuration so different? This is because there are some manufacturers on the market who pass off quality products and deceive customers. How does the quality of these manufacturers pass the test?

1000 watt flood light price

Regarding the specific price of 1000W LED stadium lights, the price will vary based on factors such as brand, lamp quality, light source technical specifications, light efficiency level, whether it has intelligent control functions, warranty period, and market supply. We need to understand the important components of the price of LED stadium lights: LED chips, LED power supplies, and heat dissipation shells.

1. LED chips: As we all know, the quality of LED chips varies. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers use irregular LED chips produced in workshops. There is no problem at first, but as time goes by, various problems are easily exposed and the service life is greatly reduced. It is normal for Shangyou Lighting to use LED stadium lights. Ordinary LED chips have enough lighting lumens, and the chip itself has excellent heat dissipation efficiency and high packaging technology, which can keep the chip working for a long time in a vacuum environment and slow down the aging rate.

2. LED power supply: The price of LED stadium lights from some manufacturers is low because the quality of the LED power supply is not good, which can easily lead to unstable chip lighting and fast light decay. The worst power can easily cause the LED stadium lights to illuminate in a short period of time. The intensity is significantly reduced.

Cooling case: We all know the importance of a good cooling case. A good heat dissipation shell can dissipate heat for the LED chip in time to prevent the LED chip from heating up for a long time and causing aging. In order to save the cost of LED stadium lights, manufacturers can, for example, change the size of the lamps to look like high-end products, greatly reduce the thickness of the shell for heat dissipation, or simply cut it off. LED stadium light rear end length

Radiator, in order to achieve the purpose of saving materials, which can reduce costs. The gear used in this kind of LED stadium light may not be a problem, but in the long run, it is easy to cause a great decrease in thermal efficiency due to dust and aging, such as rapid aging and burning of the LED chip. 

Finally, LED stadium lights are made up of many small parts, and each part is cut corners, which together lead to a significant drop in the price of its LED stadium lights. This results in cheap LED floodlights. The so-called: LED floodlights are low in price and have various quality defects. They cannot do business at a loss. No manufacturer can offer such low prices while ensuring quality. Glare lighting is not the same, using ordinary chips and well-known brand power supplies, if we all like it, how dare we make such a guarantee?