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How many lumens does it take to light a stadium

  • date: 2024-05-25
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How many lumens does it take to light a stadium?

How many watts do stadium lights use?

What kind of lights are used in stadiums?

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Stadium lighting requirements often vary by sport-specific requirements. For example, for basketball, tennis, and cricket lighting standards for entertainment and fitness, they only need to meet the 300lx illumination requirement, while professional competition basketball halls require 750lx illumination requirements.

Professional football field lighting standards, when major broadcast games require ultra-high-speed cameras, the vertical illumination in the direction of the camera shall not be less than 1800lx, and the stroboscopic ratio of the field lighting shall not exceed 6%.

At the same time, when there is a television broadcast, the ratio of the average horizontal illumination to the average vertical illumination of the venue should be: 0.75-1.8 for the stadium and 1.0-2.0 for the stadium.

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So, what factors are related to the brightness of LED stadium lights?

1. Illuminating area of stadium lights

The brightness of stadium lighting is a physical quantity used to express the intensity of luminescence (or reflection) on the surface of an object. The ratio of the luminous intensity of the luminous surface of the viewed object in the direction of sight to the projected area of the luminous surface perpendicular to that direction is called The surface brightness of the luminous surface, in candelas per square meter (cd/m2). Brightness is related to the light-emitting area, while illuminance is generally related to light intensity and distance. For example, for the same light source power, the larger the area, the lower the brightness. For the same light source power, the further the distance, the lower the illumination per unit area.

2. Light flux of sports venues

Luminous flux is the intensity of light arriving at, leaving, or passing through a surface per unit time. 1 lumen 1m is equal to the luminous flux emitted by a point source with a uniform luminous intensity of 1cd (candela) within a unit solid angle of 1sr (steradian). The standard luminous flux of a 1W ordinary incandescent lamp is 11-12lm, and the 1W LED lamp is about 150lm.

3. Stadium light chip

The inner bead of the stadium lights is mainly composed of LED chips. The brightness of the light-emitting diode (LED) chip is an important factor that reflects the brightness. Many companies in the market use Sanan chips, Bridgelux chips, lumen number 130lm/w, big brands The lumen number of LED chips is relatively high. For example, the lumen number of Philips is 120-130lm/w.

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