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LED Football Field Lighting Guide – Stadium Lights

  • date: 2024-05-31
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The football field is a vibrant sports venue, and the stadium LED lighting is its bright source. These lights designed specifically for the football field not only provide adequate lighting, but also provide a comfortable sports environment for athletes. Whether it is a fierce confrontation in the game or hard training in training, these lights can bring enough light to the players so that they can better display their skills and strength.

In this guide:

1. Football Field Lighting Design Guide

2. Football Field Lighting Standards

3. What kind of lighting is effective on the football field

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400w led flood light

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Football Field Lighting Design Guide

The basic dimensions of football fields are generally divided into the following types:

The length of the 11-person football field is 90-120 meters and the width is 45-90 meters;

The standard dimensions of international competitions are 105-110 meters in length and 68-75 meters in width;

Depending on the type and size of the football field, the height of the football field light poles also needs to change accordingly. The angle between the midpoint of the field and the lower edge of the spotlight must not be less than 25 degrees. Note: In order to protect the safety of the players, no lighting facilities or buildings shall be installed within 5 meters outside the perimeter of the field. If your football field is not a standard size, please let us know.

Lighting arrangement

LED floodlights are generally installed around the edge structure of the pitch roof, but some football fields have lamps installed on poles/towers around the pitch. FIFA has detailed requirements for this, including indoor edge lights, lamps behind the goal line, lamp focus points, column positions, etc.

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Football field lighting standards

Football field lighting must meet the needs of audio-visual media, spectators, professional football players and referees. Its lighting requirements depend on whether the field is used for competition or training, whether the competition is domestic or international, whether it is televised, etc.

Based on these, there are many different levels and different parameters. Let's take a look at the main types of football field lighting and the characteristics they need to have.

FIFA: Televised events (Em ≥ 1,500–2,000 lx / uniformity ≥ 0.7). CRI80, CCT 5000-6200K

Level 1: World Cup training or small games (Em ≥ 750 lx / uniformity ≥ 0.6). CRI80, CCT 5000-6200K, non-televised matches.

Level 2: Match practice (Em ≥ 500 lx / Uniformity ≥ 0.6). CRI70, CCT 5000-6200K

Level 3: Standard training purposes (Em ≥ 300 lx / Uniformity ≥ 0.6). CRI70, CCT 4200-6200K

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What lighting is good for football fields?

Aglare lighting LED floodlights support flexible assembly with different wattages from 200W to 400W. As the main light source for large-area lighting, it is widely used in sports venues, football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, rugby fields, racetracks, cricket fields and other scenes and sports field lighting.


The LED floodlights for the stadium also feature adjustable brightness and color temperature. During a match or training, different lighting needs may change. The stadium LED lighting provides flexible adjustment options, which can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light according to needs to create the best visual environment. This flexibility allows the stadium lighting to adapt to different game scenes and weather conditions, ensuring that athletes can carry out their activities normally in any situation. Therefore, choosing a brand and product of LED lighting for the stadium with reliability and durability can reduce maintenance costs, extend service life, and ensure the normal operation of the football field.

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