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Best Outdoor LED Cabochon Lights

  • date: 2023-12-19
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When it comes to LED cabochon lights, there are many things you should keep in mind. You should consider the size of your space before purchasing and you should also choose the type of lighting you want. Whether you’re looking for LEDs that come in E10 E14 cabochon lights or in rgb cabochon lights, there are plenty of options to choose from. These products can be used to fairground lighting and theme park  lighting, such as carousels,amusement rides,carnival rides,ferris wheels, roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, wheel rides, tower rides, flume rides and water rides. 

There are a lot of LED cabochon lights on the market. Some of them are made from a single color, while others can be multicolored.Regardless of the source, the cabochon light bulbs are a good way to light up your amusement rides and carnival rides. Despite the competition,Aglare Lighting is a leading manufacturer of LED cabochon lights for amusement industry and carnival. We supply full series of cabochon lights for amusement parks, carnival rides ,funfair and midway rides.

Types of Cabochon Lights

Whatever the occasion, there are a variety of cabochon lights to choose from. They’re available in a range of colours, sizes and prices, so there is something for everyone and every project.

Pixel Cabochons

Pixel Cabochons

For a more high-tech solutions, Pixel Cabochon lights can be programmed to any pattern or colour setting. These LED lights available in a variety of shapes and sizes. At Aglare LED, we provide fixing nuts and two waterproof 3pin connectors on 110mm cables with these lights. It’s even possible to connect up to 512 lights in one run to create the most memorable effects.

E10 cabochon lights

E14 cabochon light

As the original type of fairground light, this product is adaptable for any commercial event or special occasion. E10 cabochons are also ideal for use as marquee lighting and home lighting, making them a popular choice.

These small cabochon lights boast a unique diamond shape and are available in a range of colours including blue, orange, fuchsia, purple and magenta.

E14 cabochon light

E14 cabochon light

With 15 colours to choose from, professional looking E14 cabochon lights boast a luminous effect with a distinct diamond jewelry shape to create a striking radial effect from the base. These lights are particularly popular for corporate events.

RGB Cabochons

rgb cabochon lights

Best suited to large lighting displays, RGB cabochons are LED lights with a unique carnival appearance. These lights boast a slimline design when compared to traditional cabochon lights. They are numbered so you can easily fit them consecutively or mix them up for a completely different look.

Each LED bulb is individually programmed so you won’t have to do any additonal work to program the lighting when installing it.

Best Outdoor LED Cabochon Lights-Discover the Ultimate Buying Guide for LED Cabochons!

Are you planning an indoor event and in need of captivating lights? Look no further than the E10 cabochons or flat E10 cabochon lights. These stunning lights are a perfect choice for signs, making them ideal for weddings and birthday parties. If you want to create an enchanting atmosphere with marquee lighting, the E10 cabochons are a popular and striking option.

But what about outdoor events? Don't worry! We have just the solution - waterproof lighting! When you need lights that can withstand any weather conditions, pixel cabochon lights are the way to go. These incredible lights not only offer programmable features but also come equipped with waterproof connectors for added convenience and peace of mind.

With our comprehensive buying guide, you'll have all the information you need to make the perfect choice for your event. Whether it's an indoor celebration or an outdoor extravaganza, our LED cabochons will add a touch of brilliance to any occasion. So, don't wait any longer – let the magic of LED cabochons illuminate your event today!

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