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Everything you need to know before buying LED pixel lights for amusement park rides

  • date: 2024-01-03
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LED pixel lights provide a reliable and creative way to illuminate theme park amusement park rides. Before purchasing LED pixel lights for amusement park rides, we recommend that you first understand the relevant knowledge of LED pixel lights so that you can maximize the use of LED pixel lights in your lighting amusement park rides, whether it is indoor amusement park LED lighting The project is also an outdoor waterproof lighting project.

LED pixel lights have a wide range of applications, including theme park lighting, landscape lighting, playground lighting, carnival lighting, such as Ferris wheels, roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, carousels, wheel rides, tower rides, rapids, and water sports Amusement facilities etc. Always find the right LED pixel light for your lighting project.

LED pixel lights for amusement park rides

Everything you need to know before buying LED pixel lights for amusement park rides:

1. What is LED pixel light?

2.What are the types of LED pixel lights?

3. What should you consider when purchasing LED pixel lights for amusement park rides?

What is LED pixel light?

LED pixel lights generally refer to point light sources that use low-power RGB three-in-one light sources. Commonly used specifications and sizes are 20mm, 30mm, 42mm, 50mm, etc. The lamps have built-in IC chips, and the effects of the lamps can be controlled through programming to achieve flow, Dynamic lighting effects such as chasing and full color are therefore also called pixel point light sources.

What are the types of led pixel lights?

1.Monochrome LED pixel light:

The single-color LED pixel light is composed of 4 LEDs. Because it has grayscale and display mode changes, it is very suitable for making single-color display signs and single-color LED display boards. The high-brightness single-color LED pixel light is composed of 8 red single-color LEDs.

2.multi-color LED pixel lights:

The multi-color LED pixel light is composed of two red LEDs, one pure green LED and one blue LED. It is very suitable for making full-color display boards because full-color display boards have both color and grayscale. changes so it can display information like a display and at a much lower cost. The high-brightness LED pixel light consists of 4 LEDs, two green LEDs and two blue LEDs.

What to consider when buying LED pixel lights for amusement park rides

Amusement park rides LED pixel lights are used in a wide variety of projects and activities, and since there is such a wide range of bulbs and lighting types available, there are so many different types of lights to choose from in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes that So it can be hard to know where to start and which lights will provide the best playground lighting for your project. You should consider what the project is, how long it will take to deliver the product, the cost, the number of bulbs you need and the advantages of using LED lighting over other types.

The main advantages of LED pixel lights for amusement rides include:

  • energy efficiency

  • high quality light

  • Durable and reliable

  • Low temperature operation

  • Controllable

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What are the application scenarios of LED pixel lights?

1. Outline outline of buildings, viaducts and bridges;

2. Ground glass square display screen;

3. City square floor decoration and lighting;

4. Decorative lighting for amusement facilities such as Ferris wheels;

5. Landscape lighting of rivers and embankments;

6. Outdoor advertising display and building display;

7. Signs and logos;

8. Decorative lighting for ancient buildings;

9. Decoration and lighting of the top of the building;

10. Line drawing of text and images;

11. Special-shaped and personalized lamps have built-in light sources.