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Everything You Need To Know About LED Point Lights

  • date: 2024-03-26
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What is LED Point Light

How to Choose the right LED Point Light Source

Where can LED point light sources be used

The emergence of LED point light sources has brought about earth-shaking changes in the lighting market, and is also a powerful proof that technology changes life. The highly cost-effective LED point light source products not only have better lighting effects, but also have a more reasonable market price due to their simpler structure. The longer product service life also makes LED point light source products more popular. Users welcome.

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What is LED point light source?

LED point light source is a new type of decorative light. LED is a light-emitting diode. A light-emitting diode is an electronic device that can convert electrical energy into light energy. The color of the light-emitting diode depends on the material used. Currently, there are red, green, Yellow, orange, blue, white, full color and other colors.

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How to Choose the right LED Point Light Source

First of all, in terms of performance, it goes without saying that it is always on.

As far as the control form is concerned, most of the control methods on the market currently use DMX512, which is characterized by strong compatibility of the control method. Failure of a single lamp will not affect the work of other lamp bodies. The disadvantage is that a single drive can only reach 168 points and the transmission rate is low ( Screen display smoothness), one-way transmission (the DMX512-A standard can transmit in both directions), it is easier to lose addresses, and cumbersome address encoding settings must be made in advance.

In comparison, the RSL control method is easier to operate (no need to encode addresses one by one). The single-port control can reach 1024 points. The dual-channel control method can achieve non-stop maintenance. The disadvantage is that a single lamp failure will cause the back-end protection to stop working. .

Based on the above characteristics, the new WTSD5680 control method has more advantages: it has the DMX512-A standard control method, no address coding is required, and if a single lamp does not work, it does not affect the work of other lamp bodies. It combines the advantages of the above two, but its controller The cost is slightly higher.

In terms of quality selection, in addition to ease of installation, the selection principles are also general principles for outdoor lamps: one is to prevent dead lights, and the other is to prevent short circuits caused by water intrusion.

The factors that cause the LED point light source to die depend on factors such as chip quality, welding quality, heat dissipation effect and constant current, not to mention water short circuit. Generally speaking, the first choice should be high-quality brand lamp beads, high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate, constant current Chip and solid potted products.

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Where can LED point light sources be used?

LED point light sources have a wide range of application scenarios, including but not limited to: 

1. Architectural lighting: used for building exterior walls, contour lighting, floor decorative lighting, etc. Through careful layout of point light sources, the outline and structural features of the building can be highlighted.

 2. Landscape lighting: In outdoor public spaces such as parks, squares, courtyards, and pedestrian streets, it is used for local key lighting of trees, sculptures, water features, landmarks, etc. to create a unique nighttime landscape effect.

 3. Display lighting: In stores, exhibition halls, museums and other places, it is used for local lighting of goods and artworks to highlight the texture, color and three-dimensional effect of the displayed objects.

 4. Advertising signs: used to produce outdoor billboards, neon lights, signs, etc., to achieve dynamic and colorful advertising effects through LED point light sources. 

5. Machine vision and detection: In the field of industrial automation, LED point light sources are an important part of the machine vision system, providing directional, high-intensity lighting sources to help cameras capture clear and accurate images. 

LED point light sources have the advantages of energy saving, long life, fast response, rich colors, dimmability, and environmental protection, and have become a popular choice in modern lighting design and application fields.