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LED Tunnel Lights and Underpass Lighting Buying Guide

  • date: 2023-12-05
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Tunnel lighting is an indispensable part of tunnel construction. With the development of LED lighting technology, LED tunnel lights are the current first choice for tunnel lighting. For engineering customers, how to choose suitable LED tunnel lights is a difficult problem.Our guide can help you understand the types and functions of tunnel lighting fixtures so you can choose the best LED tunnel lights and underpass lighting fixtures.

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In this guide:

What is LED tunnel light?

LED tunnel lights are energy-saving lamps with light efficiency. They use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light source. They have high light efficiency and long life. They can be used with different reflectors to achieve multi-purpose lighting. They are softened and will not cause discomfort to people. Dazzling or other uncomfortable reactions may occur.

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Advantages of LED tunnel lights

1. Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with traditional fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and other lighting equipment, tunnel lights have higher energy efficiency and lower power consumption. According to relevant data, the use of tunnel lights can save more than 50% of energy, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions and is more environmentally friendly.

2. Long life: LED tunnel lights have a long service life, usually more than 50,000 hours, and are more durable than traditional lamps. Therefore, the use of tunnel lights can reduce the number of lamp replacements, maintenance costs and time costs.

3. High brightness: LED tunnel lights have the characteristics of high brightness, and their light is bright and uniform. Compared with traditional lighting equipment, tunnel lights have better lighting effects, can provide a more comfortable visual experience, and can also improve driving safety.

4. Adjustable color temperature: The color temperature of LED tunnel lights is adjustable and can be adjusted according to actual needs. This feature makes the tunnel light suitable for different environments and scenes, improving its flexibility and adaptability.

5. Lightweight design: Compared with traditional lamps, tunnel lights are smaller in size, lighter in weight, and more compact in design. This feature makes the tunnel lights easier to hang and install, while also reducing the load on the structure and improving the safety of the lights to a certain extent.

6. Easy to install: One of the best advantages of LED lights is their ease of installation. Thanks to its plug-and-play functionality, you can reduce installation time by 50%.

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How to Choose LED Tunnel Lights

1. Light effect:

The level of light efficiency determines the level of operating energy costs, so this parameter is crucial. Currently, most manufacturers of LED tunnel lights have reached 100lm/W, which can meet the light efficiency requirements of tunnel lighting. However, in order to effectively save electricity costs, it is recommended to give priority to LED lamps with higher light efficiency. Aglare Lighting's LED tunnel lights have a luminous efficiency of up to 150lm/W, which can save electricity costs more than ordinary manufacturers.

2. Driving power supply:

The service life of LED lamp beads can reach more than 100,000 hours, while the life of the driving power supply is much shorter than that of the LED light source. Therefore, it is not the LED light source that actually determines the life of the LED tunnel light, but the driving power supply. In order to ensure the service life of LED tunnel lights, it is very important to choose a high-quality driving power supply. Well-known power supply brands in the market include Taiwan MEAN WELL, Shenzhen Maoshuo, Hangzhou Infinite, etc.

3. Protection level and surface technology:

Tunnel lights are used in outdoor environments. There is water seepage or dripping in the tunnel. The working environment is relatively harsh. In eastern coastal cities, the air contains high levels of salt spray, so the lamps should have a high IP protection level. The IP level is not lower than IP65. The surface It should be treated with special technology to prevent salt spray and have strong corrosion resistance.

4. Lamp heat dissipation:

The heat dissipation effect of the lamp directly affects the light attenuation of the LED light source. Under the same conditions, the light attenuation of the lamp with good heat dissipation performance is smaller than that of the lamp with poor heat dissipation performance. Therefore, when choosing LED tunnel lights, you should try to choose aluminum lamp bodies, lamps with reasonable heat dissipation structure and large heat dissipation surface. Aglare Lighting LED tunnel lights are surface light sources. The number of LED chips is much more than that of conventional LED tunnel lights of the same power. The corresponding single LED current is small, the node temperature is low, the light source decay is small, and the lamp life is longer than ordinary LED tunnel lights.

5. Glare protection:

From a driving perspective, the glare problem of lights has a great impact on the driver's vision. Glare is an important cause of safety accidents. Therefore, when purchasing LED tunnel lights, you should pay attention to the anti-glare effect of tunnel lights. Aglare Lighting's LED tunnel lights use its own core patented film flat fluorescent LED light source (FLED), which emits flat light with uniform and soft light color, non-glare, and good anti-glare effect.

6. Color rendering index:

Under the same light effect, the higher the color rendering index, the clearer and brighter it is, and the better it can meet lighting requirements. For example, although the luminous flux of traditional tunnel sodium lamps is not low, the light looks dimmer due to the low color rendering index. Compared with traditional sodium lamps, LED color rendering index is much higher than traditional sodium lamps. Generally speaking, a color rendering index greater than 70 is sufficient. After all, tunnels are not precision work sites, so the CRI requirements do not need to be too high.

7. Color temperature:

The color temperature should be selected according to the specific conditions of the tunnel. For example, in areas with heavy fog in mountainous areas, low color temperature should be used, such as warm white light with a color temperature of 3000K, because the penetrating ability of warm white light with a low color temperature is better than that of a high color temperature; for tunnels without fog, Including urban underground passages, etc., you can choose a color temperature of 5500K-6500K, because this color temperature section has the highest luminous flux and good brightness; generally, you can choose a color temperature of 4000-4500K, natural white light, and give consideration to both in tunnels.

8. Power factor

Considering the impact on the national grid load, high-power lamps such as LED tunnel lights generally require PF>0.9.

In addition to the above factors, some tunnel projects require the brightness of the lamps to be adjustable. In this case, the dimming function of the lamp power supply needs to be considered. Some tunnels are dusty and the surface of the lamps is dusty. At this time, the ease of cleaning of the lamps should be considered. Therefore, in the actual purchase, it is necessary to combine the actual situation of the project and comprehensively consider other factors to specifically purchase LED tunnel lights.

Reliable LED tunnel light lighting supplier

At Aglare Lighting, we are proud to be a leading manufacturer of high-power LED floodlights specifically designed for outdoor engineering lighting. One of our most popular products is the LED tunnel flood light, which has been carefully crafted and engineered to enhance visibility and ensure safety in tunnel and underpass areas for road and rail applications.

Module led tunnel lights A Wide Range of Options to Suit Your Needs

Our factory is capable of producing LED tunnel flood lights in a variety of wattages to accommodate different lighting requirements. Whether you need a 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 400W, or 500W lighting solution, we have you covered. With such a wide range of options available, you can select the perfect LED tunnel lights to suit your specific needs.

When you choose Aglare Lighting, you can rest assured that you are investing in top-notch quality and performance. Our LED tunnel flood lights feature advanced technology and superior craftsmanship, ensuring long-lasting durability and impressive functionality. With our lights, you can trust that the illumination will be consistent, reliable, and energy-efficient, while also complying with safety standards and regulations.

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